Gemstones & Signs of the Zodiac

People choose crystals for themselves and as gifts according to a wide range of criteria.

One simple way to choose crystals for others is to select one of the crystals associated with the recipients's star sign (i.e. Astrology Sun Sign). That way the crystal may be given with at least a little piece of information, an indication that it was chosen with that very special friend or relative in mind.

Some tables only indicate one crystal per sign of the zodiac. Our research indicates that several crystals are associated with each astrological sign. This is just as well because it still leaves scope to choose a crystal gift, perhaps in the recipients favourite colour, or with some other consideration also in mind. Click the name of the crystal or gemstone for photos and more information about specific gemstones, which are listed in alphabetical order.

Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan)

  • Amethyst - shades of purple
  • Fluorite - various colours including typically purples, greens, colourless regions and sometimes also shades of yellow
  • Malachite - shades of green
  • Gold Tigers Eye - rich golds, yellows and browns.

Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb)

Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar)

  • Amethyst - shades of purple
  • Blue Lace Agate - lacey pattern in shades of pale blues through to white
  • Flourite - many colours incl. purple, green, clear, blue, pink, yellow, red, black.
  • Turquoise - turquoise

Aries (21 Mar - 20 Apr)

Taurus (21 Apr - 21 May)

Gemini (22 May - 21 Jun)

Cancer (22 Jun - 23 Jul)

  • Carnelian - wide range of yellows, oranges and browns
  • Moonstone - white and pale shades of beige and cream

Leo (23 Jul - 23 Aug)

  • Carnelian - wide range of yellows, oranges and browns
  • Citrine - shades of yellow, gold and browns

Virgo (24 Aug - 23 Sept)

Libra (24 Sept - 23 Oct)

Scorpio (24 Oct - 22 Nov)

Sagittarius (23 Nov - 21 Dec)

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Astrology Gifts (Aff.)

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Gemini Necklace

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