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Saffron adopted through ABC's Adopt-an-Herb Program

The American Botanical Council has announced the adoption of saffron (Crocus sativus) through its Adopt-an-Herb program. These are notes about saffron and its traditional medicinal uses that the new sponsor is helping ABC continue to make available online in its HerbMedPro dat...

07 Apr '20 | Herbal Medicine | USA

How to get along when staying at home

Advice to stay at home has caused millions of people to change their daily routines in recent weeks. There are many articles about how to deal with boredom, frustration, worry and the social requirements of getting along with others in a confined area. Here are some brief sugg...

31 Mar '20 | Mental Health | At Home

Handwashing campaign targets a billion people worldwide

Unilever and the UK government are funding an information campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of washing hands with soap regularly and disinfecting surfaces. This will include TV, radio, print, social and digital media and include countries across Africa and Asia.

28 Mar '20 | Handwashing | International

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The Inner Heart of Reiki #Ad

by Frans Stiene

This book includes explanations of the traditional aspects of Reiki including spiritual interpretations and insights into symbols - material not covered in many other books on the subject. It is serious, in depth and inspiring.

This week features books about reiki.

Nature Notes for spring

Tree blossoms are among the most uplifting joys of spring. Apple blossom such as this is to be found in gardens and hedgerows, not just in commercial orchards.

Apple blossom is produced in spring at the same time as the budding of the leaves. The flowers are white with a pink tinge and five petals .

What is effleurage ?

Notes about this essential massage technique

If it's your birthday today ...

... you were probably* born under the sign of Taurus, often referred to and depicted as the bull, or represented symbolically.

Crystals and gemstones associated with this sign include carnelian, red jasper and rose quartz.

Although taureans have a reputation for being stubborn, they can also be dependable and trust-worthy. Many enjoy participating in outdoor sports that require strength and endurance.

Angel Thought for 6th May:

It is always possible to find joy. Ask the Angels for help whenever needed or merely desired.

An 'Angel Thought' appears here every day.

See also the pages about Angels and Archangels.
There are many names of archangels, some being due to spelling variations.

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Take the attitude that the information you need to learn is interesting. It is usually much easier to remember things that you can find some genuine interest in.

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Vitamin B6

The various forms of vitamin B6 include pyridoxine, pyridoxal and pyridoxamine. The functions of vitamin B6 include promotion of healthy skin, teeth, gums and nerves; the formation of red blood cells; the formation of hormones helpful for mental health and a healthy sleep cycle; the healthy functioning of the immune system and the ability of the body to absorb vitamin B12.

Sources of vitamin B6 include whole-grain cereals, bananas, nuts, milk, baked beans and green vegetables e.g. brussel sprouts.

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