Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are extremely dilute concentrations of preserved water that has been infused with energies from the petals of flowers selected by Dr. Bach for their healing properties.

Specific remedies are selected for a person, animal, or plant, according to that individual's emotions rather than according to his or her physical symptoms. Use of the Bach Flower Remedies is a very gentle form of energy-medicine based healing.

There are 38 individual Bach Flower Remedies (see the complete list of Bach Flower Remedies) and a combination remedy formulated by Dr Bach for emergency situations. The combination remedy, called Rescue Remedy, has become extremely well-known and is widely available both from High Street chemists, health food shops and online. Several products in addition to, yet incorporating, the remedies themselves have emerged over time. The first was Bach Rescue Cream which includes the same remedies as Rescue Remedy together with the Crab Apple Remedy, which is indicated by discomfort with one's own appearance among other emotional situations. Other Bach Remedy products now include Bach Rescue Spray, Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles, Rescue Chewing Gum and Bach Rescue Night products (available as both drops and as a spray).

History of Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach was a medical doctor and researcher who developed both the system of healing associated with the Bach Flower Remedies, and also it's underlying philosopy:

" Science is tending to show that life is harmony - a state of being in tune - and that disease is discord or a condition when a part of the whole is not vibrating in unison."

Dr. Edward Bach addressing the British Homeopathic Society in November 1928.

For further information see History of Bach Flower Remedies page.

What does a Bach Flower Remedies Consultation / Treatment involve?

A Bach Flower Remedies Consultation may last between about 45 and 120 minutes because the practitioner may request detailed information about the client's feelings about his/her life-situation. This is because it is the person's emotions - rather than his or her physical condition - that determine the appropriate choice of Bach Flower Remedies.

Some of the remedies might at first seem to be indicated by very similar emotional states (e.g. there are remedies for 5 different types of fear). Hence, the consultation must be detailed in order for the practitioner to establish which combination of the possible remedies is most appropriate for the client, at that particular time.

Mimulus is one of the flowers used to make a Bach Flower Remedy

Following the consultation, the practitioner may provide the client with a treatment bottle containing the client's ideal combination of remedies as indicated at that time. Alternatively, some practitioners prefer to invite their clients to make up their own treatment bottle in order that they experience the simplicity of the system for themselves, and so that they are able to prepare a follow-on bottle of the same type if they wish to do so later (without the need of another consultation). Consultations do not necessarily include provision of remedies or treatment bottles - in some cases practitioners may offer their knowledge and experience but encourage their clients to obtain remedies for themselves afterwards.

As with any unfamiliar therapy, it makes sense to ask the practitioner what will be required e.g. how much time the session will take and what (if anything) you'll need to bring with you, and what will be provided e.g. the first treatment or remedy recommended for your situation, at the time of arranging the treatment or consultation.

Textbooks and other Sources of Reading

There are many textbooks about the Bach Flower Remedies, including:

Further Information about Bach Flower Remedies

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