Crystal Healing

In the most general terms, crystal healing may be defined as "the use of crystals to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the mind, body and spirit". It has some similarities with other therapies that include the use of crystals, such as crystal Reiki.

History of Crystal Healing

It is not known exactly when crystals were first used for healing purposes but some texts claim that they were used far into antiquity.

What does a Crystal Healing Treatment involve?

As in the case of many therapies, there is no fixed format common to all practitioners. The following is a description of a general format that is likely to be typical:

Prior to the Treatment

The practitioner may begin by explaining any terms to the client, then conducting a brief consultation. Reasons for the consultation might include:

  • For the client and practitioner to introduce themselves to each other, especially to ensure that the client feels at ease in what may be unfamiliar surroundings;
  • For the practitioner to understand the client's expectations of the treatment, to clarify any issues that the client wishes to ask about and to ensure that the client knows what will happen next e.g. that he or she may relax and enjoy the treatment but no specific outcomes can be promised.
  • The practitioner might ask about the person's reasons for requesting the treatment and about his or her general health. Such questions ensure that if the person requires or just might need the practitioner to take any particular actions or to be aware of any possible eventualities, that is known.
  • If the practitioner suggests use of a treatment couch (rather than an appropriately clean and comfortable pad on the floor) he or she might also ensure that the person who will receive the treatment is able to get onto and off the couch safely and comfortably.

The above are also true of other therapies, some of which also require more detailed medical histories from clients. If for any reason the practitioner considers that he or she is not an appropriate person to offer a crystal healing treatment to that particular client on that day then he or she should say so. Similarly, if the practitioner considers that crystal healing is not appropriate for that person at that time then he or she should also say so and not proceed to the treatment.

The Crystal Healing Treatment itself

The actual treatment may take the form of the therapist first ensuring that the client is comfortable and able to relax, such as by playing gentle music and/or burning incense or evaporating some calming essential oils. The therapist might then lay an arrangement of crystals around and possibly on the client. As the treatment progresses the crystals might be moved or exchanged for other crystals. Crystal healing treatments might also involve energy or chakra balancing, perhaps with dowsing pendulums and / or according to the therapists intuition. Most practitioners welcome client questions about what will happen, or has happened, during a treatment.

After the Treatment

After the treatment itself many practitioners allow their clients to rest (and realise that the treatment has ceased) for a few minutes before gently checking that the client is awake and in many cases offering him or her a glass of water to drink.

Textbooks and other Sources of Reading

There are many books available for those wishing to learn more about crystals, and/or to become trained crystal healers. An excellent place to start is the "Mind, Body & Spirit", or "Holistic" sections of most major bookshops, which usually include a selection of texts - including non-technical books for those who only wish to share an enjoyable skill with their partner and/or friends and family.

Some examples of good books about crystals and minerals in general include:

Examples of crystal healing books include:

  • Judy Hall, "Crystal Prescriptions: The A-Z guide to over 1,200 symptoms and their healing crystals", O Books, Reprinted 2005.
  • Ewald Klieger, "Crystal Wands: For Healing, Massage Therapy and Reflexology", Findhorn Press, Forres Scotland, 2009.
  • Martin J. Scott & Gael Mariani, "Crystal Healing for Animals", Findhorn Press, Forres Scotland, 2002.

For more books see Crystal Healing books, Colour Healing books and Faith Healing books.

Further Information about Crystal Healing

Introductory crystal and crystal healing courses are available from many local colleges. For a personal introduction to this subject and to meet like-minded people who have similar interests, find out what is available in local your area.

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