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Latest violence in Tripoli (Libya) shuts 210 schools

More than 100,000 Libyan school children have education suspended by armed conflict in and around Tripoli. The Ain-Zara, Abu Salim and Soug al Juma'aa areas are particularly badly affected.

08 Jan '20 | Child Welfare | Libya

BMA Medical Book Awards ceremony celebrates excellence in medical writing

The annual BMA Medical Book Awards ceremony 2018 took place at the British Medical Association's headquarters in London on Tues. evening. The top prize of BMA Medical Book of the Year was awarded t...

06 Sep '18 | Medical Textbooks | London, England

Research confirms that good moods are contagious. Depression isn't.

Are states of mind, or 'moods', socially contagious? Expressed another way, might happy friends cheer us up and dissatisfied friends reduce our own feelings about our life and situation? What about...

Education: For Exams or Moral Character ?

School education encompasses many areas of child development. Although exam results matter, it is argued that moral character including virtues such as self-discipline, fairness and courage, matter...

02 Mar '15 | Education | UK

Fighting in South Sudan impacts on humanitarian efforts

continuing fighting between government and opposition forces in South Sudan is severely hampering humanitarian efforts. The effects of the conflict on children are horrifying - girls and boys have ...

03 Mar '14 | Humanitarian Crisis | South Sudan

Armed conflict disrupts children's lives

Children living in areas of armed conflict face unprecedented threats to their health, education and well-being. A recent UNICEF report mentions incidents in which schools and education personnel h...

12 Jun '13 | Child Welfare | International

Importance of social and emotional learning in primary schools

How important is social and emotional learning in UK primary schools ? Prof Neil Humphrey of Manchester University, England, has researched evidence from around the world and published a comprehens...

30 May '13 | Education

Children with disabilities need and deserve inclusion

State of the Worlds Children Report 2013 - Children with disabilities should not be excluded but given the same opportunities as all other children. That includes registration at birth, health care...

30 May '13 | Child Welfare

Women delay motherhood for longer education

Education delays motherhood: The average age of a woman having her first child in 2004 was 27 years-old, three years later than in 1974, when the average age was 24 years old. During the course of ...

10 Sep '12 | Education

Approximate Number Sense (ANS) increases in first 30 years of life

Scientists working in the United States have found that a person's approximate number sense (ability to estimate quantity) becomes increasingly precise during the first 30 years of his or her life....

28 Jun '12

Improvements for women & children in Afghanistan

The Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) report released on 27 Jun 2012 reports significant improvements to the health, education and well-being of women and children in Afghanistan. These incl...

27 Jun '12 | Education | Afghanistan

Sportsmen and alcohol-related violence

Recent research has found high rates of alcohol-related aggression and antisocial behaviour involving young Australian sportsmen as compared with their non-sporting peers. Rates of intoxicated assa...

21 Dec '11 | Alcohol | Australia

Leaving school without qualifications associated with poorer health in later life

Students who leave school without qualifications suffer from poorer health and greater risk of heart disease over their lifetimes than those with some qualifications, according to recent research c...

07 Jul '11 | Education | Manchester

UNICEF ambassador Madjid Bougherra inspires young adults in Algeria

The international children's organization UNICEF has recently announced the visit of UNICEF Algeria Ambassador Madjid Bougherra to Algeria's second largest city, Oran. During his visit he met with ...

08 Jun '11 | Algeria

US $51M needed urgently for children in Côte d'Ivoire and Liberia

In any emergency, children are the most vulnerable. UNICEF is appealing for US$ 51 million to meet the rapidly growing humanitarian needs of children and families devastated by the post-election cr...

19 Mar '11 | Humanitarian Aid | Ivory Coast

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