Tuberculosis in the News

Articles featured below include news about or mention of tuberculosis (TB).

Harnessing the healing properties of honey to help combat antimicrobial resistance

The researchers in Southampton, England, are studying the properties of Surgihoney, an engineered, medical honey that has a potent antimicrobial agent with antibiofilm activity. It is hoped that th...

29 Apr '16 | Honey | Southampton, UK

The dark side of mining for gold: research suggests mining in Africa is spreading TB

Even if mining clinics successfully diagnose tuberculosis in miners and start treatment appropriately, the message is often not relayed back to doctors who work at the miners’ hometowns. The author...

01 Jun '10 | Tuberculosis | Africa

Liverpool University to strengthen health research in Africa

Africa is still affected by deadly diseases such as HIV, malaria and tuberculosis. Many African universities appreciate help to progress forward research into these conditions and train young resea...

02 Jul '09 | Health Research | Africa

World Health Assembly closes with resolutions on public health

The 62nd World Health Assembly has closed with the adoption of resolutions on several global health issues including primary health care, the prevention and control of multidrug-resistant and exten...

22 May '09 | World Health Assembly | International

Malaria deaths decline by 66% in Zambia

Malaria deaths reported from health facilities in Zambia have declined by 66%. This result along with other supporting data indicates that Zambia has reached the 2010 Roll Back Malaria target of a ...

23 Apr '09 | Malaria | Zambia

Health ministers to accelerate efforts against drug-resistant TB

Health ministers from countries with the greatest burdens of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) have agreed to a series of actions to accelerate efforts to halt and reverse the global epidemic of the...

02 Apr '09 | TB | International

HIV-related TB deaths higher than past estimates

24 Mar '09 | Tuberculosis (TB)

African ministers to defend health from environmental harm

At the end of historic four-day talks in Gabon, ministers of state from African countries have signed and adopted the Libreville Declaration which commits their governments to take measures to stim...

29 Aug '08 | Environmental Health | Africa

NZ Ministry of Health marks World TB Day - 24 March

The commemoration of World TB Day 2007 serves as a stark reminder that tuberculosis (TB), a deadly disease that has affected mankind for thousands of years, is still a serious public health threat....

21 Mar '07 | World TB Day 2007 | New Zealand

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