Osteoporosis in the News

The news items listed below are about or mention the bone disease osteoporosis.

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FDA defines Gluten-Free for food labeling

The FDA has published a regulation defining the term gluten-free for voluntary food labeling. This will provide a standard definition to help up to 3 million Americans who have celiac disease, an a...

02 Aug '13 | Nutrition | USA

Blocking activity of two proteins might protect female fertility in the longer term

Research from Australia offers hope to women whose fertility has been compromised by the side-effects of cancer therapy or by premature menopause. They found that the proteins PUMA and NOXA can tri...

22 Sep '12 | Fertility

Discovery of genes that influence risk of fracture and osteoporosis

Scientists have conducted the largest international study of its kind to identify the genes responsible for osteoporosis. Their research indicates that variants in 56 regions of the human genome in...

16 Apr '12 | Osteoporosis | Southampton, UK

Early bone growth linked to bone density in later life

Recent medical research indicates that early bone growth is associated with bone density in later life. The indications are that size at birth and height growth during early childhood contribute si...

03 Feb '12

Women with osteoporosis suffer more if they have previously broken a bone,

A study of more than 60,000 women living in many different countries around the world has increased knowledge about the relationship between osteoporosis and fractures. Osteoporosis is more common ...

18 Aug '10 | Osteoporosis | International Study

Veiled and dark-skinned people should have vitamin D levels checked

Dark-skinned and veiled infants, children and adults should be screened annually for vitamin D deficiency, and vitamin D supplementation should be provided to those at-risk in this population, a fi...

19 Apr '09

Eating disorders pioneer appointed to National Advisory Group

A new National Advisory Group on Body Image has been set-up in Australia. Disturbed body image (DBI) has important implications for adolescent mental health. If continued past adolescence it might ...

05 Mar '09 | Body Image | Australia

Certain angels are associated with 'passing-over' and our smooth transition from this life to the next ...

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