Autism in the News

Autism and other conditions on the autistic spectrum can mean that the individuals concerned face particular challenges, both at school and later in (adult) life. The articles listed below include news about or mention of autism.

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5-min checklist - Autism in 1 year olds

What is an early age for the diagnosis of autism ? A recent study has demonstrated the feasibility and effectiveness of conducting systematic screening for autism during the usual well-baby check-...

28 Apr '11 | Autism

Support for Deaf Children with Complex Disabilities (UK)

Recent research at Manchester University (England) in collaboration with National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) has highlighted many urgent issues of concern to the parents and carers of deaf chil...

03 Mar '11

Children with autism lack visual skills required for independence

Contrary to previous studies, which show that children with autism often demonstrate outstanding visual search skills, this new research indicates that children with autism are unable to search eff...

20 Dec '10 | Autism | Bristol, UK

Rare genetic variations involving whole sections of DNA implicated in autism

Single gene mutations or large rearrangements in chromosomes are responsible for a minority of cases of autism. Some rare mutations in genes are known to be risk factors for the condition, and a ra...

10 Jun '10 | Autism | Oxford, UK

No best approach to education for all children with autism

A recent report evaluating educational strategies used to teach children and young people with autism concludes that there is no single ideal approach for teaching all children who have autism. The...

11 Dec '09 | Autism | UK & Ireland

Nursing profession focuses on health and wellbeing

As part of Southern Cross University’s (Australia) focus on health and wellbeing a new Academic Health Centre is being built at the Lismore campus. It will provide a venue for a range of clinical s...

12 Apr '09 | Nursing | Australia

Government of Canada Endorses World Autism Awareness Day

April 2 will be recognized as World Autism Awareness Day. Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) affect approximately one in 150 children in Canada. It is a complex and lifelong condition with a broad spe...

02 Apr '09 | Autism | Canada

Need to address mental disorders in children

On World Autism Day, WHO has reaffirmed its commitment to provide technical assistance to Member States to deliver integrated health services to people with autism and other mental and developmenta...

02 Apr '09 | Autism | International

Asperger support service to be launched at Cambridge Uni

Students and staff in Cambridge University who have Asperger Syndrome will now be able to get rapid access to a diagnostic clinic and appropriate support via the University Disability Resource Cent...

01 Jul '07 | Aspergers | Cambridge, UK

Study provides new insights into brain organisation - Newcastle University

Brain study via computer analysis of public databases of detailed information of worldwide anatomical studies on primate and worm brains, found that long nerve fibre connections were just as vital ...

07 Aug '06

World-first disabilities program calls for families to participate in a landmark research project - Queensland University

Researchers from the Queensland Univ (Australia) are appealing for families with children between the ages of two and nine who have been diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy or Down syndrome to ta...

30 May '06 | Child Development | Australia

UK National Autistic Society launches its first education campaign

The UK's National Autistic Society (NAS), the leading UK charity for people with autism and their parents and carers, will launch its first education campaig: Make school make sense. NAS President ...

23 May '06 | Autism | UK

UCLA imaging study of children with autism identifies broken mirror neuron system

Imaging research at UCLA finds that children with autism have virtually no activity in a key part of the brain's mirror neuron system while imitating and observing emotions. Mirror neurons are norm...

08 Dec '05 | Autism | California, USA

New UK guide will improve life chances for children with complex disabilities

The inequalities challenging disabled children will be addressed by a new guide by the UK Department of Health. It will help to ensure that children with complex disabilities receive better, more c...

30 Nov '05 | Disabled Children | UK

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