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Kale is in season in February

Eating fresh foods in season is a wholesome aspiration that can seem easier to achieve during the summer and autumn months. When fruit trees are bare and frost threatens tender plants, kale is an o...

07 Feb '20 | Fresh Food (Nutrition)

AMA (USA) offers 6 tips for better heart health

February is American Heart Month which is supported and promoted by national organizations including the AMA and NIH. These 6 tips for heart health are from the American Medical Association (AMA).

01 Feb '20 | Heart Health | USA

Reducing saturated fat in diet lowers blood cholesterol and risk of CVD

The recent report 'Saturated fats and health' by the (UK) Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition concluded that there is no need to change current advice that saturated fats should not form mor...

01 Aug '19 | Nutrition | England

Benefits of interval training for vascular health of older women

Research suggests that short bouts of interval exercise might be particularly beneficial for post-menopausal women. This group was studied because the risk of cardiovascular disease is thought to i...

07 Aug '17 | Interval Exercise | Leeds, England

AMA endorses 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines (USA)

The AMA welcomes 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, a report detailing recent nutritional advice for Americans. Described on health.gov as an essential resource for health professionals and policymakers...

08 Jan '16 | Nutrition | USA

Vet charity warning about pet obesity

Pet obesity is a major animal health issue. Almost half of adults surveyed recently were not aware of the risks to and adverse effects on their pets health posed by obesity, which can include the r...

25 Mar '15 | Pet Health | UK

Mediterranean diet linked with lower risk of heart disease

Promoting Mediterranean-style diets could have significant health benefits for young, working populations - according to recent study involving the diets of American firefighters.

04 Feb '14 | Nutrition

Dietary fibre and risk of heart disease

Recent research (Dec 2013) indicates that greater dietary fibre intake is associated with lower risk of both cardiovascular disease (CVD) and coronary heart disease (CHD). This is yet another study...

20 Dec '13 | Nutrition

Menopause not to blame for weight gain

Study found that post-menopausal weight gain is not linked to hormonal changes. BUT as oestrogen levels drop - a consequence of menopause - women's weight gain patterns alter and body fat is stored...

17 Oct '12 | Menopause | Australia

Blocking activity of two proteins might protect female fertility in the longer term

Research from Australia offers hope to women whose fertility has been compromised by the side-effects of cancer therapy or by premature menopause. They found that the proteins PUMA and NOXA can tri...

22 Sep '12 | Fertility

Mediterranean Diet improves Health

Mediterranean diets are healthy. A healthy diet and lifestyle is important for good general health and well-being. Prof Catherine Itsiopoulos has explained some of the benefits of a Mediterranean d...

24 Jul '12 | Nutrition

Heart disease medication shown to affect subconscious attitudes towards race

Recent research suggests that taking propranolol, a beta-blocker used to treat heart disease, can affect the person's subconscious attitudes to race. This is of interest to psychologists, psychiatr...

07 Mar '12

Black tea might significantly reduce blood pressure

Drinking a cup of black tea three times a day may significantly reduce your blood pressure according to recent research from the University of Western Australia (Australia). Their study revealed th...

24 Jan '12 | Blood Pressure | Australia

Leeds Univ finds MRI scan for coronary heart disease beats alternatives

A recent five-year study at Leeds University (Yorkshire, England) involving 752 patients, has shown that an MRI scan is a reliable way of detecting signs of significant coronary heart disease (CHD)...

23 Dec '11

Leaving school without qualifications associated with poorer health in later life

Students who leave school without qualifications suffer from poorer health and greater risk of heart disease over their lifetimes than those with some qualifications, according to recent research c...

07 Jul '11 | Education | Manchester

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