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Heart Disease
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Heart Disease in the News:

This site also includes news about health and well-being, including heart disease. Recent news items about heart diease are listed below:

7 Feb 2020

Kale is in season in February

1 Feb 2020

AMA (USA) offers 6 tips for better heart health

1 Aug 2019

Reducing saturated fat in diet lowers blood cholesterol and risk of CVD

7 Aug 2017

Benefits of interval training for vascular health of older women

8 Jan 2016

AMA endorses 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines (USA)

25 Mar 2015

Vet charity warning about pet obesity

4 Feb 2014

Mediterranean diet linked with lower risk of heart disease

20 Dec 2013

Dietary fibre and risk of heart disease


17 Oct 2012

Menopause not to blame for weight gain

11 Oct 2012

Fish oils healthier for womens hearts than mens

22 Sep 2012

Blocking activity of two proteins might protect female fertility in the longer term

24 Jul 2012

Mediterranean Diet improves Health

7 Mar 2012

Heart disease medication shown to affect subconscious attitudes towards race

24 Jan 2012

Black tea might significantly reduce blood pressure

23 Dec 2011

Leeds Univ finds MRI scan for coronary heart disease beats alternatives

7 Jul 2011

Leaving school without qualifications associated with poorer health in later life

10 Mar 2011

World Kidney Day - 10 March

4 Oct 2010

Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT) to expand

16 Aug 2010

Non red-meat protein may reduce risk of heart disease in women

4 Aug 2010

Genomic mapping identifies largest yet set of genes associated with heart disease

1 Jun 2010

Smaller portion sizes for Happy Heart Eat Out Month

18 May 2010

Eating processed meats may increase risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

13 May 2010

Could 'Health Supplement' steroids protect against heart disease?

3 Nov 2009

Drug that increases good cholesterol reduces clogging of arteries

29 Jun 2009

Canada works with National and International Partners to Manage the Spread of the H1N1 Flu Virus

23 Jun 2009

Protect children from the allure of smoking, say doctors

22 Jun 2009

Historic Bill Signing on Tobacco Regulation

15 Jun 2009

Influenza A (H1N1) Swine Flu - Update

29 May 2009

Call for pictorial warnings on tobacco packs

27 Apr 2009

Brains do break down

For more items see the Heart Disease News index page (listed by date).

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