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Pregnancy in the News:

This site also includes news about health and well-being, including pregnancy. Recent news items about pregnancy are listed below:

7 Apr 2020

World Health Day 2020: Support Nurses and Midwives

26 Jul 2019

Canadian initiatives against Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

6 Nov 2013

Assisted conception cancer risk ?

10 Oct 2013

Prenatal depression in mothers - risk factor for depression in children at age 18 years

2 Jan 2013

MSF reopens Khost maternity hospital (Afghanistan)

24 Jul 2012

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Research

2 Mar 2012

Babies born a few weeks early have worse health outcomes than full-term babies

9 May 2011

Prolonged breastfeeding associated with fewer child behaviour problems

18 Apr 2011

Mother's diet affects child's likelihood of obesity


22 Feb 2011

Campaign against maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT)

17 Feb 2011

Warnings against certain uses of asthma drug terbutaline for preterm labour

4 Feb 2011

IVF babies born using new chromosome counting technique

3 Feb 2011

Medical negligence during birth led to compensation for boy with Cerebral Palsy

5 Oct 2010

Post natal depression treatments assessed

15 Sep 2010

Maternal deaths worldwide drop by 34%

8 Sep 2010

Psychological as well as physical violence leads to postnatal depression

25 Aug 2010

UNICEF welcomes Angolan Government campaign to reduce maternal and infant mortality

20 Aug 2010

Prenatal pesticide exposure linked to attention problems in preschool-aged children

19 Aug 2010

Lesbian conception - recent study

11 Aug 2010

NIH study indicates stress may delay women getting pregnant

9 Jul 2010

Annual federal statistics compilation reports 2nd decline in preterm births (USA)

25 Jun 2010

Health of future generations determined by childhood conditions

16 Jun 2010

AIDS Drug combinations given to pregnant women Block 99% of HIV transmission to breastfed babies

11 Jun 2010

French study into risks in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

10 Jun 2010

New Guide to help 1 in 6 with fertility problems (UK)

7 Jun 2010

HFEA statement regarding pregnancy terminations following IVF (UK)

13 May 2010

(UK) HFEA sets fees for single embryo IVF treatment

23 Mar 2010

HFEA calls for patients' views on fertility treatment (UK)

8 Mar 2010

New information for fertility patients published

8 Mar 2010

Pioneering treatment reduces disability in premature babies with serious brain haemorrhage

7 Jan 2010

Weaker bones in children - link to vitamin D levels in pregnancy

9 Dec 2009

Review of sperm, egg and embryo donation policies (UK)

1 Dec 2009

Study shows antibiotic unsuccessful in preventing preterm labour

29 Nov 2009

UK public sector workers *more likely to have baby due to family-friendly policies*

2 Oct 2009

HFEA to publish incident reports (UK)

22 Jul 2009

Anti-epilepsy drug risk on cognitive function for unborn children

14 Jul 2009

Female religious leaders in Algeria teach about maternal and child health

7 Jul 2009

UK Fertility clinics to provide patients with costed treatment plans

1 Jun 2009

Research reveals early warning signs of preeclampsia

29 May 2009

Campaign Targets Sexually Transmitted Infections

For more items see the Pregnancy News index page (listed by date).

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