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Kidney Disease in the News:

This site also includes news about health and well-being, including Kidney Disease. Recent items about Kidney Disease are listed below:

25 Sep 2018

By 2043 obesity might exceed smoking as the largest preventable cause of cancer in women

7 Mar 2012

Cancer genes differ in different parts of a tumour

3 Oct 2011

Children with chronic kidney disease complications

4 Jun 2011

Survivors of childhood cancers at increased risk of other cancers later in life

4 Apr 2011

Genetic Clues to IgA nephropathy

14 Mar 2011

FDA approves Gadavist (gadobutrol) for central nervous system imaging scans

10 Mar 2011

World Kidney Day - 10 March

20 Jan 2011

Study of the reaction starting formation of amyloid fibres

15 Dec 2010

Cancer increases risk of developing listeria by 5x


5 Oct 2010

Podocytes (cells in the kidney) and treatment of kidney failure in diabetics

4 Oct 2010

Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT) to expand

1 Sep 2010

Association between elevated levels of lead, cadmium and delayed puberty in girls

16 Jun 2010

British Indians have fewer cancers than white British population

1 Jun 2009

Research reveals early warning signs of preeclampsia

26 May 2009

Kidney Disease – Australia's ‘Silent Killer' Print page

17 Apr 2009

Consumer level medicine recall of Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan

2 Apr 2009

World-first high blood pressure treatment trialled in Melbourne

24 Mar 2009

Anti-microbial catheter to cut infection risk for dialysis patients

6 Mar 2009

Detailed diagnosis boosts child cancer survival

4 Mar 2009

Molecular test for cancer relapse in UK children

27 Feb 2009

Domino Kidney Donations Key to Reduced Waiting List

23 Feb 2009

Australian Organ Donor Awareness Week 2009

4 Feb 2009

Swinging 60s saw a rise in HPV related cancers

29 Jan 2009

Heart attack chemical in marathon runners

12 Jan 2009

Scientists unlock secret to overeating

10 Dec 2008

Overweight children may inherit faster eating behaviour

14 Oct 2008

NHS Employers and the GPC announce agreement on changes to the GMS contract for 2009/10

1 Oct 2008

Koala biscuits withdrawn due to melamine contamination

30 Sep 2008

Scottish General Practice: delivering quality, improving outcomes

26 Sep 2008

Vigilance needed to ensure safe infant food

9 Aug 2006

Vanity beats cancer as motivation for weight loss

6 Jan 2006

How one disease may prevent another - disease pairings reviewed

30 Jul 2005

Kidney recipients concerned for health of live donors

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