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Bowel Cancer in the News:

This site also includes news about health and well-being, including Bowel Cancer. Recent items about Bowel Cancer are listed below:

25 Sep 2018

By 2043 obesity might exceed smoking as the largest preventable cause of cancer in women

25 May 2017

Brits walk less than one mile per day

22 Jan 2014

Double genomes associated with poor cancer survival

5 Dec 2012

Patients want advice about bowel cancer screening

17 May 2012

Study re. experiences and needs following primary treatment of colorectal cancer

9 Dec 2011

Bowel cancer screening in England cuts bowel cancer deaths

4 Jun 2011

Survivors of childhood cancers at increased risk of other cancers later in life

12 Apr 2011

Colon Cancer Treatment in Ireland

11 Apr 2011

Variations in outcomes of bowel cancer surgery in England


6 Apr 2011

Keyhole surgery for bowel cancer

2 Mar 2011

Exercise cuts risk of potentially cancerous bowel polyps by up to 30%

1 Mar 2011

Bowel Cancer hope by blocking PINK1

1 Mar 2011

Unstable chromosomes and bowel cancer

14 Feb 2011

No link founds between Vitamin D levels and prostate cancer

8 Dec 2010

The fear of cancer

9 Nov 2010

EIF3H : How does this gene affect Bowel Cancer ?

4 Nov 2010

Laparoscopic bowel cancer surgery shown to be safe and effective

21 Sep 2010

Could two simple pills help prevent bowel cancer?

14 Sep 2010

Waist size linked to bowel cancer risk

11 Aug 2010

Breath test could help to detect cancer

10 Aug 2010

Irish Cancer Society concerned at growth in colonoscopy waiting lists

12 Jul 2010

Long-term survival from once-deadly cancers doubles

18 Mar 2010

New omega-3 preparation protects against bowel polyps

23 Jun 2009

Nine in ten survive early stage bowel cancer

15 Jun 2009

Men hit by 'inexplicable' greater cancer death risk

11 May 2009

Self-test Bowel Cancer Kits

20 Apr 2009

Kevin Adams and Christopher Biggins dig in their heels for Cancer Research UK

16 Mar 2009

Lifestyle changes could prevent one in four cases of bowel cancer by 2024

6 Mar 2009

Detailed diagnosis boosts child cancer survival

12 Feb 2009

Exercise cuts colon cancer risk by a quarter

6 Feb 2009

Aspirin cuts stomach cancer risk

4 Feb 2009

Swinging 60s saw a rise in HPV related cancers

23 Dec 2008

Bowel cancer screening set to save thousands of lives

17 Dec 2008

Stem cells may 'ignite' bowel cancer development

4 Dec 2008

Colonoscopy mis-diagnoses at NHS Treatment Centre, Shepton Mallet (UK)

19 Nov 2008

Cancer Research UK Launches Innovative New Way To Give

16 Nov 2008

Scientists find a trigger to aggressive bowel cancer

12 Sep 2008

Inactivation of gatekeeper gene paves way for bowel cancer

1 Oct 2006

Fighting cancer with aspirin - Newcastle University

27 Sep 2006

Specialist nurses must not be targets in deficits crisis - RCN and Bowel Cancer UK

For more items see the Bowel Cancer News index page (listed by date).

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