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Breast Cancer in the News:

This site also includes news about health and well-being, including Breast Cancer. Some recent items about Breast Cancer are listed below:

25 Sep 2018

By 2043 obesity might exceed smoking as the largest preventable cause of cancer in women

18 Aug 2017

Artificial outdoor lighting and breast cancer

25 May 2017

Brits walk less than one mile per day

29 Apr 2014

Report that 50% of cancer patients survive at least 10 years

8 Jan 2014

Ethnic variations in breast cancer rates

9 Jul 2013

Scent device to detect bladder cancer

8 Jun 2012

Perjeta (pertuzumab) approved to treat HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer in USA

7 Mar 2012

Results of study re. injectable contraceptive risks

2 Mar 2012

Efforts to diagnose cancer early need to be better tailored to different age groups (UK)


2 Feb 2012

Silver found to be as effective as the leading chemotherapy drug

12 Jan 2012

Concern about Parabens (cosmetic chemicals) detected in human breast tissue samples

4 Jan 2012

Drugs that block the protein FOXA1 may be used to treat some breast cancer patients

9 Dec 2011

Cancer risk in Northern Ireland lower than the Republic of Ireland

8 Dec 2011

Breast cancer screening may cause more harm than good

3 Oct 2011

Breast Cancer in Men

8 Sep 2011

New drug targets for inherited breast and ovarian cancers

9 Jun 2011

Poorer women less likely to survive breast cancer

1 Jun 2011

Breast Cancer and Stress

8 Apr 2011

Cancer Research UK concern about consumption of alcohol

1 Mar 2011

Bowel Cancer hope by blocking PINK1

18 Feb 2011

ZNF703 - the first Breast Cancer *oncogene* discovered for 5 years

16 Feb 2011

Late diagnosis of breast cancer in elderly women (UK)

11 Feb 2011

FDA approves first 3-D mammography imaging system

11 Feb 2011

Cancer Researchers describe the structure of the anaphase-promoting complex (APC/C) molecule

8 Dec 2010

The fear of cancer

22 Oct 2010

MRI Scan warning Re. early-stage brest cancer diagnosis

14 Oct 2010

Scientists suggest that cancer is purely man-made

14 Sep 2010

Watercress may *turn off* breast cancer signal

16 Aug 2010

Global health leaders advocate expanding cancer care in developing countries

11 Aug 2010

Breath test could help to detect cancer

5 Aug 2010

Gene target may block breast cancer recurrence and boost survival

12 Jul 2010

Long-term survival from once-deadly cancers doubles

7 Jul 2010

Financial impact on patients and their families of a cancer diagnosis

23 Jun 2010

Cancer Research UK launches hi-tech research centre at Imperial College, London.

17 Jun 2010

Late diagnosis linked to 1000 UK breast cancer deaths annually

16 Jun 2010

British Indians have fewer cancers than white British population

7 Jun 2010

Sea sponge drug benefits women with advanced breast cancer

17 Mar 2010

Adding common genetic variants to breast cancer risk models is small benefit

19 Jan 2010

Pre-op mammogram reduces the need for mastectomy in women with DCIS

15 Jan 2010

Breast cancer sufferers offered new hope

For more items see the Breast Cancer News index page (listed by date).

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