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Prostate Cancer in the News:

This site also includes news about health and well-being, including Prostate Cancer. Recent items about Prostate Cancer are listed below:

8 Jun 2018

Olfactory receptor OR51E2 and prostate cancer

9 Dec 2011

Cancer risk in Northern Ireland lower than the Republic of Ireland

12 Oct 2011

Possible increased prostate cancer risk associated with vitamin E supplements

8 Sep 2011

New drug targets for inherited breast and ovarian cancers

10 Jun 2011

Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign to mark Men's Health Awareness Week

14 Feb 2011

No link founds between Vitamin D levels and prostate cancer

9 Feb 2011

Gene test to predict need for prostate cancer surgery (Cancer Research)

5 Jan 2011

Exercise may reduce the risk of death from prostate cancer

6 Nov 2010

IGFs and IGFBPs linked to early Prostate Cancer


1 Oct 2010

Gene variations that alter phosphodiesterase 11A (PDE11A) linked to prostate cancer

12 Aug 2010

CRT and ValiRx sign licensing deal to develop prostate cancer treatment

11 Aug 2010

Breath test could help to detect cancer

7 Jul 2010

Financial impact on patients and their families of a cancer diagnosis

16 Jun 2010

British Indians have fewer cancers than white British population

23 Sep 2009

Study two thirds of prostate cancer patients do not need treatment

25 Jun 2009

First report on ethnicity and cancer published

15 Jun 2009

Men hit by 'inexplicable' greater cancer death risk

6 Mar 2009

Detailed diagnosis boosts child cancer survival

4 Feb 2009

Swinging 60s saw a rise in HPV related cancers

19 Nov 2008

Cancer Research UK Launches Innovative New Way To Give

14 Oct 2008

Chance of dying from cancer is falling

1 Oct 2008

Black men face higher prostate cancer risk

8 Dec 2006

Positive research findings for homeopathy in cancer

1 Sep 2006

Seaweed extract hailed as a promising natural medicine

1 Aug 2006

Mushroom may boost cancer therapy drug

24 Jul 2006

Irish yacht race team to take men's cancer message across Atlantic

7 Jul 2006

Australian olive leaf extract for breast & prostate cancer

31 Mar 2006

Major new Action Prostate Cancer Initiative - Irish Cancer Society

20 Mar 2006

Experiences of taking the PSA test for prostate cancer

23 Feb 2006

Making sense of the PSA test for prostate cancer

7 Feb 2006

Cauliflower and broccoli boost cancer protection

24 Nov 2005

Cancer Research finds fewer dying of cancer while incidence remains stable

10 Nov 2005

Testing at conception for conditions such as Alzheimer's?

5 Nov 2005

Vitamin D + Taxotere extends lives of men with advanced prostate cancer

2 Nov 2005

Study suggests common cholesterol-lowering drugs can reduce prostate cancer risk

31 Oct 2005

UK Government increase funding for prostate cancer awareness

1 Oct 2005

Sun's rays may do us good, according to Australian cancer expert

17 Sep 2005

Painkiller-vitamin D combo slows prostate cancer growth

2 Sep 2005

Activated Vitamin D and NSAIDs Form One-Two Punch Against Prostate Cancer Cells

26 Aug 2005

Benefits, Risks, and Potential Side Effects of Cancer Screening

For more items see the Prostate Cancer News index page (listed by date).

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