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Alzheimers in the News:

This site also includes news about health and well-being, including Alzheimer's Disease. Recent items about Alzheimers are listed below:

7 Apr 2020

Saffron adopted through ABC's Adopt-an-Herb Program

28 Jun 2018

Heat-related health concerns for older adults increase during the summer

30 May 2018

Benefits of dementia friendly swimming opportunities

20 Feb 2015

Ageing: Diabetes and depression predict dementia risk

16 Apr 2012

Gene study leads to new insight into Alzheimers

20 Jul 2011

Alzheimers Disease survey: USA, France, Germany, Spain, Poland

18 Jul 2011

Nanopatterned surface to improve stem cell expansion

13 Jul 2011

Apolipoprotein E Genotype - a biomarker for mild cognitive impairment ?

4 Apr 2011

Possible genetic risk factors for Alzheimer's Disease


20 Jan 2011

Study of the reaction starting formation of amyloid fibres

8 Dec 2010

Eating purple fruits such as blueberries is good for your health

6 Dec 2010

New understanding of blood flow problems in dementia

19 Sep 2010

Breakthrough in understanding brain function could lead to Alzheimer's treatment

11 Jun 2010

Gene Linked to Alzheimer's Disease Plays Key Role in Cell Survival

11 Apr 2007

Potential use of a processed form of cannabis to counter brain cell damage after strokes

27 Feb 2007

Neurological disorders affect millions globally: WHO report

26 Sep 2006

Microscopic Brain Damage Detected in Early Alzheimer's Disease

9 Aug 2006

Major boost for Alzheimer's disease research

7 Aug 2006

Study provides new insights into brain organisation - Newcastle University

16 Jan 2006

New reports link mental ill-health to modern diets

10 Nov 2005

Testing at conception for conditions such as Alzheimer's?

22 Sep 2005

89% of people would want to know if they had dementia – but many people are still not told

14 Sep 2005

Neurodegenerative disease targeted in UK government's drive for new medical treatments

16 Aug 2005

Astrocytes may have role in epilepsy

13 Aug 2005

Folates more effective in limiting Alzheimer's disease risk than antioxidants

6 Aug 2005

Daffodils may hold the key for Alzheimers disease

For more items see the Alzheimers News index page (listed by date).

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