Date Published: 31 March 2006

Major new Action Prostate Cancer Initiative - Irish Cancer Society

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Legendary singer and songwriter, Christy Moore, and celebrity broadcasters, Charlie Bird and George Hook, in association with an Tanaiste and Minister for Health and Children, Mary Harney launched a major new initiative at the Irish Cancer Society today called Action Prostate Cancer.

Action Prostate Cancer will aim to be the leading provider of prostate cancer information and support in Ireland. There are approximately 1370 new cases of prostate cancer and 519 deaths from prostate cancer in Ireland every year. This represents 15% of cancers and 13% of all cancer deaths in males respectively. The majority of men diagnosed with prostate cancer are aged over 50 years.

At the heart of Action Prostate Cancer will be the Prostate Cancer Information Service staffed by specialist nurses where anyone can ring (Freefone 1800 380 380) or email or call into the Irish Cancer Society offices at 43/45 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4, to discuss their concerns about developing prostate cancer or have their questions answered about any aspect of prostate cancer such as treatment options. The Action Prostate Cancer initiative will also highlight the need for men to be treated in specialist centers (major cancer treatment hospitals) where they will have access to best practice treatment and care provided by multidisciplinary teams.

Speaking at the launch, Professor John Armstrong, Consultant Radiation Oncologist and Chairman, Irish Cancer Society said

" One in 14 men living in Ireland will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime and prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men, after skin cancer. There is also a significant variation in the quality of prostate cancer treatment available in Ireland. In light of this the Irish Cancer Society has decided to adopt prostate cancer as a key area of focus during 2006 and beyond and hence the launch of Action Prostate Cancer.

_ We want to reach out to men and increase their understanding of this disease, highlighting the benefits of early detection and educating them about advances in treatment and care. We would also ultimately like the Government to commission a
report, which would examine hospitals and specialists currently providing prostate cancer treatment and the variations in that treatment and which would make recommendations on the delivery of optimal levels of treatment. We would envisage that this report would be much the same the 2000 Professor Niall O'Higgins Report entitled 'Development of services for symptomatic breast disease.

In addition to the establishment of the Prostate Cancer Information Service under the banner of Action Prostate Cancer, the initiative will also comprise the following activities:

  • On Thursday 6th April, Action Prostate Cancer in association with the support group, Men Against Cancer will host a public meeting in the Royal Dublin Hotel, O'Connell Street, Dublin 1
    from 7-10pm. To book a place free of charge please call (01) 2310 533.
  • On Friday 28th April, Action Prostate Cancer will host a national conference entitled 'Prostate Cancer: a Time for Action' for healthcare professionals around the country involved in the
    care and treatment of men with prostate cancer.
  • Action Prostate Cancer is also providing a suite of literature on prostate cancer for undiagnosed and diagnosed men. To avail of this literature, please call the Prostate Cancer Information Service on Freefone 1800 380 380.
  • The Irish Cancer Society, through its research division, Cancer Research Ireland, is the largest voluntary funder of cancer research in Ireland. With regard to prostate cancer research, CRI is currently (October 2006 ? October 2007) funding five major cancer research projects in hospitals and academic institutions around the county to the tune of ?414,105 and will be looking for expressions of interests for funding of additional pieces of prostate cancer research in the near future.
  • Finally the Irish Cancer Society is examining the possibility of appointing some new Oncology Liaison Nurses (specialising in prostate cancer) in major cancer treatment hospitals around the country.

Also commenting on the launch of Action Prostate Cancer, Emer O'Kane, Cancer Information Services Manager at the Irish Cancer Society said

" We are all delighted to be embarking on this exciting and innovative initiative. We need to bring prostate cancer out into public arena and place it high on the public agenda in much the same way as we have done with breast cancer over the last ten years. Men need to feel comfortable about discussing prostate cancer amongst their peers and know that there will always be a tremendous resource of information and support under the banner of Action Prostate Cancer at the Irish Cancer Society."

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