Diabetes in the News

In general, diabetes results from the body's inability to either produce sufficient insulin, or to respond properly to (the hormone) insulin, which normally regulates the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. There are several different types of diabetes. The articles listed below include news about or mention of diabetes.

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Kale is in season in February

Eating fresh foods in season is a wholesome aspiration that can seem easier to achieve during the summer and autumn months. When fruit trees are bare and frost threatens tender plants, kale is an o...

07 Feb '20 | Fresh Food (Nutrition)

Health uses of the drumstick tree (India)

The drumstick tree thrives in India and also grows in the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan, among other places. The many and various uses of the bark, sap, roots, leaves, seeds and flowers of the ...

02 May '16 | Moringa oleifera | India

AMA endorses 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines (USA)

The AMA welcomes 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, a report detailing recent nutritional advice for Americans. Described on health.gov as an essential resource for health professionals and policymakers...

08 Jan '16 | Nutrition | USA

Vet charity warning about pet obesity

Pet obesity is a major animal health issue. Almost half of adults surveyed recently were not aware of the risks to and adverse effects on their pets health posed by obesity, which can include the r...

25 Mar '15 | Pet Health | UK

Ageing: Diabetes and depression predict dementia risk

Mild cognitive impairment, a state between normal ageing and dementia, may be more likely to lead to dementia if diabetes or psychiatric symptoms such as depression also affect the person. Research...

20 Feb '15 | Depression | UK

New: Mobile medical apps for continuous glucose monitoring

The FDA (USA) has permitted marketing of the first set of mobile medical apps that enable people with diabetes to automatically and securely share data from a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with ...

23 Jan '15 | Diabetes | USA

Increasing daily coffee consumption may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

Increasing daily consumption of (non-decaffeinated) coffee associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, while reducing daily coffee consumption associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes...

24 Apr '14 | Diabetes | USA

Insulin use to treat type 2 diabetes trebles

The number of UK patients receiving prescriptions for insulin increased (almost tripled) between 1991 and 2010. The number of people with prescriptions for insulin for type 2 diabetes overtook th...

07 Feb '14 | Diabetes

Does vitamin D prevent diabetes ?

Research has started on a large-scale clinical trial to find out if taking vitamin D supplements helps to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in adults with prediabetes. This study is in progress at a...

21 Oct '13 | Diabetes | USA

Glycaemia alert dogs help diabetic humans

How effective are medical detection dogs trained to detect and warn diabetics about variations in the person's hypoglycaemic state ? This summary of the results of a recent research study is encour...

20 Aug '13 | Diabetes | Bristol

FDA approves Invokana to treat type 2 diabetes

The U.S. FDA has approved Invokana (canagliflozin) tablets, used together with diet and exercise, to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. Invokana can block the reabsorption of ...

29 Mar '13 | Diabetes | USA

FDA approves 3 new drug treatments for type 2 diabetes

Nesina, Kazano, and Oseni for type 2 diabetes: These 3 drug treatments have been approved for use with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar control in adults with type 2 diabetes, the forms of ...

25 Jan '13 | Diabetes | USA

Mediterranean Diet improves Health

Mediterranean diets are healthy. A healthy diet and lifestyle is important for good general health and well-being. Prof Catherine Itsiopoulos has explained some of the benefits of a Mediterranean d...

24 Jul '12 | Nutrition

Depression, diabetes and cardiac arrest

Recent research linking depression and the rising incidence of diabetes to an increased risk of heart attack and possible death has been published by an international research team. Dr Herbert Jeli...

04 Jan '12 | Depression | Australia

Mother's diet affects child's likelihood of obesity

Epigenetic change has been found to be important in explaining recent research about the diets of expectant mothers and the likelihood of their offspring developing obesity issues as they grow up. ...

18 Apr '11 | Pregnancy

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