Allergies in the News

Articles featured below include news about or mention of allergies (such as hayfever, food allergies and others).

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Consultation about allergen warnings on medicines (NZ)

New Zealand's Safety Authority for medicines and medical devices has opened a public consultation about the introduction of new labelling requirements for non-active substances in medicines that mi...

30 Jun '19 | New Zealand

Eating peanut during infancy can prevent development of peanut allergy

Although peanut allergy is one of the most common food allergies, recent research suggests that introducing peanut into the diet of an infant within the first 11 months of life might reduce the lik...

24 Feb '15 | Food Allergies | Southampton

Goats' milk formula not the answer for infants allergic to cows' milk

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a warning that it considers goats milk infant and follow-on formula unlikely to be suitable for infants with a cows' milk protein allergy. This is beca...

27 Mar '14 | Nutrition | UK

Three new eczema genes discovered

Three new genetic variants associated with the skin condition eczema, a chronic inflammatory disease, have recently been identified as a result of research carried out at Bristol University (Englan...

28 Dec '11

Could roundworms provide new treatment for sepsis ?

ES-62 has the therapeutic ability to enhance recovery in septic shock by suppressing and limiting catastrophic inflammatory responses while allowing for bacterial clearance to occur. Administration...

07 Mar '11 | Inflammation | Liverpool, England

Children, males and blacks are at increased risk for food allergies

A recent study has estimated that 2.5% of the United States population (that is about 7.6 million Americans), have food allergies. Food allergy rates were found to be higher for children, non-Hispa...

04 Oct '10 | Food Allergies | USA

Allergy advice helps businesses

Of about 400 food-related businesses interviewed, the vast majority were aware of and benefitting from the UK FSA's allergy guidance. This has also proved helpful to local authority food law enforc...

21 Apr '09 | Food Safety | UK

AMA new policies on childhood anaphylaxis, emergency contraception & more (USA)

The has moved towards a new policy calling on all states to enact laws permitting students to carry prescribed epinephrine or other medications for asthma or anaphylaxis. It has also voted to adopt...

25 Jun '07 | New AMA Policies | USA

FSA issues new guidance to improve food labels for consumers with allergies

Research by the UK Food Standards Agency indicates that many warnings on food product packaging are so commonly used that many consumers cannot to assess the risks so simply ignore them. Unlike the...

11 Jul '06 | Allergies | UK

Europe-wide research to examine the causes of asthma

Asthma is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental effects, and despite being rare a hundred years ago, it has become increasingly common in developed societies across the world. Scient...

09 May '06 | Asthma | London, England

Gatton rubber research set to curb life-threatening allergies

Current research might eventually prevent potentially life-threatening allergic reactions to conventional latex rubber. Unlike the species traditionally used to produce latex rubber (Hevea brasilie...

12 Apr '06

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