Allergies in the News

Articles featured below include news about or mention of allergies (such as hayfever, food allergies and others). This is page 2 of 2.

Asthma sufferers twice as likely to have other diseases

Older adults who have asthma are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease and other chronic health conditions such as diabetes, as well as being at an increased risk of developing cancer - acco...

16 Feb '06 | Asthma | Adelaide, Australia

Hayfever sufferers: Could you host a hookworm ?

Research into the possibility of a link between hookworms (human parasites) and a reduced risk of allergic conditions. Nottingham University (UK) is planning a trial in which some volunteers will b...

07 Feb '06 | Allergies | Nottingham (UK)

NZ study finds babies fed goat milk formula have same growth rates as babies fed cow milk formula

Goat milk infant formula is a suitable alternative to cow milk formula according to a new study by experts in Auckland, New Zealand. The trial involved 72 infants in Auckland who were enrolled in t...

08 Nov '05 | Milk | New Zealand

Asthmatic cats might be allergic to humans, say vets

Instead of pets being blamed for causing allergies and breathing problems amongst people, human lifestyles are potentially triggering asthma attacks in cats. According to vets, cigarette smoke, dus...

Food Intolerances ? Chef Offers Creative Ways to Avoid Wheat, Dairy, and Eggs

As the incidence of food sensitivities increase, the demand for Dr Fenster’s culinary creativity also increases. NIH (USA) found that nearly three million people need to avoid wheat due to an autoi...

28 Sep '05 | Food Intolerances | USA

Structural study will help develop new asthma and allergy treatments

Researchers have discovered the structure of a molecule that regulates levels of the key antibody involved in allergic reactions and asthma. IgE has been revealed by researchers in Oxford and Londo...

23 Sep '05 | Asthma | Oxford

Gluten-Free Boom Presents Opportunities for Retailers

Research suggests that the need for a gluten-free diet is much higher than predicted. Experts about gluten-free diets are advising retailers to prepare to meet the needs of this growing niche.

11 Sep '05 | Gluten-free | USA

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