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Genomic mapping identifies largest yet set of genes associated with heart disease

Scanning the genomes of more than 100,000 people from all over the world, scientists report the largest set of genes discovered underlying high cholesterol and high triglycerides — the major risk f...

04 Aug '10 | USA

Smaller portion sizes for Happy Heart Eat Out Month

The Irish Heart Foundation, safefood and the HSE have joined together for this year's campaign, which encourages establishments to offer healthy options on their menus, and encourages customers to ...

01 Jun '10 | Heart Health | Ireland

Eating processed meats may increase risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Although most dietary guidelines recommend reducing meat consumption, prior individual studies have shown mixed results for relationships between meat consumption and cardiovascular diseases and di...

18 May '10 | Diabetes | USA

Could 'Health Supplement' steroids protect against heart disease?

So-called 'fountain of youth' steroids are made naturally in the body, but levels decline rapidly with age. This has led to a market in synthetically made steroids that are promoted for their healt...

13 May '10 | Heart Disease | Leeds, UK

Drug that increases good cholesterol reduces clogging of arteries

Health News : Research : Drug that increases good cholesterol reduces clogging of arteries : Oxford University, UK

03 Nov '09

Canada works with National and International Partners to Manage the Spread of the H1N1 Flu Virus

In Canada, while new cases of H1N1 flu virus continue to emerge, the majority of cases do not require hospitalization. Preliminary data shows that the majority of those infected with H1N1 are under...

29 Jun '09 | H1N1 Flu Virus | Canada

Protect children from the allure of smoking, say doctors

A news report has warned that children who smoke face years of tobacco addiction that can lead to life-threatening diseases and premature death.

23 Jun '09 | Smoking | Scotland

Historic Bill Signing on Tobacco Regulation

As long-time advocates for strong regulation of the tobacco industry, the AMA is honored to stand with President Obama today as he signs the historic tobacco law. Today’s historic bill signing is a...

22 Jun '09 | USA

Influenza A (H1N1) Swine Flu - Update

Although the number of new cases of H1N1 influenza is increasing in New Zealand, there are still relatively few cases and only isolated instances of community transmission. 15 new cases were confir...

15 Jun '09 | H1N1 Flu | New Zealand

Call for pictorial warnings on tobacco packs

Research shows that even among people who believe tobacco is harmful, few understand its specific health risks. According to the WHO, despite this lack of understanding health warnings on tobacco p...

29 May '09 | Smoking | International

Air pollution health warning

Particle pollution is mainly caused by motor vehicles, wood burning heaters and industry. It can reach extremely high concentrations during bushfires and dust storms. Adam Capon, Senior Policy Anal...

16 Apr '09 | Air Pollution | Australia

Common gene variants influence risk factor for sudden cardiac death

A new study has identified common genetic variants related to a risk factor for sudden cardiac death. The report identifies variants in genes, some known and some newly discovered, that influence t...

23 Mar '09 | Heart Health | USA

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