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How do children learn about drinking alcohol ?

Alcohol and sensible drinking is best taught to children by their parents. Recent research from the University of Leeds indicates that children who learn about alcohol in the home from an early age...

02 Nov '10 | Alcohol | England

US Plans to assist with improvements of medical education in Africa

Eleven programmatic awards, largely funded by PEPFAR, will expand and enhance medical education and research training in the field of HIV/AIDS. Eight smaller non-HIV/AIDS awards, funded by the NIH ...

07 Oct '10 | Education | Africa

Annual federal statistics compilation reports 2nd decline in preterm births (USA)

Preterm births and adolescent births declined, eighth graders' math and reading scores increased, and more children had health insurance, according to the federal government’s annual statistical re...

09 Jul '10 | Pregancy | USA

UNICEF announces key tools to improve education in emergencies

The Minimum Standards for Education: Preparedness, Response and Recovery updates a highly successful handbook that was translated into 23 languages and used in more than 80 countries by education a...

07 Jul '10 | Education | International

Cuts to training budget could threaten patient care - BMA (UK)

The BMA's Junior Doctor Committee (JDC), has asked the UK Department of Health to halt their review of training funding because they say that it threatens to cut millions of pounds from junior doct...

14 Dec '09 | UK

No best approach to education for all children with autism

A recent report evaluating educational strategies used to teach children and young people with autism concludes that there is no single ideal approach for teaching all children who have autism. The...

11 Dec '09 | Autism | UK & Ireland

BMA Scotland celebrates 10 years of devolution

Scotland celebrates 10 years of devolution. The results of the survey mark the publication of a new BMA Scotland newsletter to celebrate 10 years of devolution and the creation of policy making pow...

29 Jun '09 | Scotland

Government of Canada Works with Ontario to Help Prevent Young People from Taking Illicit Drugs

The Canadian government is working with provinces and communities to help prevent the use of drugs among youth. This project will provide public health professionals in Ontario with the tools they ...

25 Jun '09 | Illicit Drugs | Canada

UNICEF UK launches campaign on children's rights

UNICEF UK launches a major campaign to emphasize the importance of children′s rights and to encourage everyone to show commitment to upholding these rights.

24 Jun '09 | Child Welfare

Call to protect hospitals, schools from impact of disasters

WHO and UNICEF today called on governments to strengthen risk reduction measures in four key areas so that health and education systems are able to cope with disasters, including the risks from cli...

18 Jun '09 | Disater Preparedness | International

Government targets interfere with the battle against superbugs, claims BMA

According to a recent BMA report, the battle against healthcare associated infections (HCAIs), also called superbugs, will not be won unless long-term strategies are introduced to radically reduce ...

10 Jun '09 | Healthcare Associated Infections | UK

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