Date Published: 8 June 2011

UNICEF ambassador Madjid Bougherra inspires young adults in Algeria during his visit to Oran

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The international children's organization UNICEF has recently announced the visit of UNICEF Algeria Ambassador Madjid Bougherra to Algeria's second largest city, Oran. During his visit he met with young people and representatives of civil society and local authorities.

Madjid Bougherra is well-known as an international footballer, also a defence player for Glasgow Rangers (Scotland). During is visit to Oran he visited the headquarters of local non-governmental organization 'Association Santé Sidi El Houari', which provides a forum for participation, expression and learning for children and young people from the surrounding areas.

" I'm surprised and pleased to discover this place and all what is done with and for young people" said Mr. Bougherra, who was accompanied on the trip by UNICEF Representative in Algeria Manuel Fontaine.

Mr. Bougherra and Mr. Fontaine also held a meeting with young people, at which they discussed challenges facing the youth of Oran as well as their aspirations for the future - including those concerning their participation in family and society.

Mr. Bougherra stressed that he was impressed by young people's commitment and potential, saying:

" This first mission as UNICEF ambassador in Algeria is very important for me, it allows me to face the realities that affect children and young Algerians."


The young adults of Oran, Algeria, demonstrate commitment and great potential.

According to 15 year-old Hichem, an active member of the youth community in Oran:

"In general, adults often say that young people have nothing to say, but here we can express ourselves and participate in improving our environment."


Source: UNICEF Press Release

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