The mineral whose chemical formula is Al2O3 is known as corundum.

Corundum exists in many colours but is best known as the precious stones sapphire (blue corundum) and ruby (red corundum). These are most commonly used in jewellery and so may be most easily recognised when polished.

Corundum crystals in all their forms have metaphysical associations, see below.
In some cases it is preferable to use natural rather than polished forms of corundum.

Structures of corundum crystals

Corundum consists of the chemical elements aluminium and oxygen arranged in the trigonal system of crystal symmetry. This system of crystal symmetry includes four axes, three of which are of equal length and arranged in the same plane, the fourth axis being perpendicular to this plane and of different length from the other three.

Corundum crystals are usually found in the form of either rough, barrel-shaped prismatic forms (as shown above), or tapering, spindle-shaped forms.

Distinguishing features of corundum

This is how to tell if a crystal is corundum rather than another similar material.

All of the following apply to corundum:

  • Hardness of 9 (the second hardest mineral)
  • Specific Gravity of 3.9 - 4.1
  • Distinctive crystal form - see photographs on this page

Associations of Corundum

Corundum has various metaphysical associations, including:

  • Facilitating insights into the unknown
  • May enhance intuitive awareness
  • Stimulates ambition and confidence
  • Subdues negative emotions
  • May facilitate positive release of frustration and anger

There are also other metaphysical associations with particular colours of corundum crystals - summarised below.

Colours of Corundum Crystals

The two main varieties of corundum crystals are blue (sapphire) and red (ruby). Other colours of corundum crystals include: black, bronze, green, grey/brown, indigo, orange, pink, purple, white and yellow.

Additional metaphysical associations with the colours of corundum crystals include:

Ruby (Red) Corundum Crystals:

  • Choice and attainment of values
  • Protection, in disputes and against psychic attack
  • Stability of economic circumstances
  • Maintaining connections, such as with other people or with places
  • Assisting with access to the ancient teachings of India ("Merlin's Crystal Mine" in India is a source of ruby)
  • Astral Travel

Sapphire Corundum Crystals:

  • Freedom from unwanted thoughts
  • Lightness and joy
  • Communication
  • Astral Travel

Associations of other colours of Corundum Crystals:

  • Protection and grounding
  • Seeking or maintaining employment
  • Loyalty
  • Fidelity
  • Remembering dreams
  • Alertness
  • Attentiveness
  • Encouragement
  • Ambition
  • Spirituality
  • Meditation
  • Focus
  • Directing attention
  • Wealth
  • Stimulation of the intellect

Above: Photo of a blue (sapphire) corundum crystal. This example is translucent and natural, i.e. unpolished.

Angel Lailah is sometimes said to be the angel most closely associated with fertility and conception.

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