Forms of Crystals and Gemstones

Although all crystals are extracted from the earth in their natural state, some crystals are cut and polished before retail sale. That is why some crystals are described as 'natural', meaning 'unpolished' whereas others are described according to their appearance e.g. polished point, wand, sphere, tumble stone and so on.

Here are some of the most common forms of crystals and gemstones available in shops, at shows and exhibitions and online.

Natural Points

A wide variety of crystals are available in the form of natural points and clusters of many natural crystal points.

The most plentiful examples of crystals in these forms are types of quartz, such as clear quartz and milky quartz.

Uses of natural crystal points incl. clusters of natural crystal points include:

  • As decorative or ornamental items
  • As gifts
  • To help with energy balancing and the healthy dissipation of energy around a room or work area (place a cluster of crystal points on a window ledge or beneath a bright light).

Choose your quartz cluster with care and intuition, and with its intended location in mind. For example the upper cluster (right) could be used in the centre of a room to send energies in all directions whereas the lower cluster (right) may be better placed in corner of a room as all points are directed in one general orientation.

Natural Plates

Many different types of crystals are available in the form of crystal plates. The photograph opposite is of a small plate of blue celestine crystals.

Other common examples of crystal plates include agate, amethyst, and other forms of quartz.

Uses of Natural Crystal Plates include:

  • As decorative or ornamental items
  • As gifts
  • For energy balancing or the dissipation of energy around a room or work area, although the effects may be less powerful than clusters of points
  • Feng Shui
  • Use of amethyst plates to clean other crystals after use/energetic contamination


Geodes of various crystals are available.

Common examples include agate (as illustrated opposite), amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz and blue celestine, among others.

Uses of Crystal Geodes include:

  • As decorative or ornamental items
  • As gifts or personal keepsakes
  • For energy balancing or dissipation through a room or area
  • As meditation aids

Polished Points

Many types of crystals, and especially many forms of quartz, are available in the form of polished points. Examples of crystals available in this form include clear quartz (probably the most popular in this form), clear quartz with inclusions, smoky quartz, citrine, rose quartz and amethyst, among others.

Uses of polished crystal points include:

  • As decorative/ornamental items
  • As gifts or keepsakes
  • For use in crystal healing.

Polished spheres

Many types of crystals are available in the form of polished spheres.

Common examples include clear quartz (also rainbow quartz, which is a sub-set of clear quartz), rose quartz (as illustrated in the photograpgh to the right), and other types of quartz, agate and marble.

Uses of polished crystal spheres include:

  • Decorative/ornamental uses
  • As gifts
  • For energy balancing or energy dissipation throughout a room or work area
  • Screeing. i.e. divination by looking into a crystal ball
  • As a meditation aid.

Tumble stones

There are very many different types of tumble stones.

See the index of well-known crystals for further information about crystal types - most of which are available in the form of tumble stones.

Uses of tumble stones include:

  • Decorative or ornamental uses
  • As gifts or keepsakes
  • For personal energy balancing or healing
  • For crystal healing and/or crystal reiki healing treatments

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