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Archangel Raphael is a popular Archangel who is recognised by several strands of Christianity and other groups. Archangel Raphael is especially associated with healing and the healing power of the divine.

The name "Raphael" means "God has Healed", or alternatively "The Shining One".

Focus of and Associations with Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is best known for assistace in all forms of healing.

Healing situations for which some people turn to Archangel Raphael include medical emergencies, illnesses or procedures, and whenever loved ones are seeking or receiving treatments. It does not matter which, if any, form of physical treatment may be involved. For example, Archangel Raphael is sought in hospitals and dentist surgeries when conventional (allopathic) medicine is involved. He may also be called upon to assist when treatment is through alternative medicine, faith healing, or any other approach. Loved ones for whom one requests Archangel Raphael's help may include animals (pets, wildlife, or livestock) as well as human patients.

Remember that healing does not only apply to situations involving physical injury or disease but also to and situation of mind, body or spirit. Sometimes healing is requested for mental or emotional traumas, past or present. After a period of excessive pressures and demands one can simply feel overwhelmed and seek restoration of ones unity of perspective and purpose. Some texts describe Raphael as an Archangel with particular interest in re-establishing 'wholeness' whenever and however it has been damaged. A simple example is that of relationships having been damaged by misunderstanding, argument, or overwhelming differences - relationships which could be between friends, families, or romatic partners.

Archangel Raphael is also associated with travel and transportation, from camel caravans, to taxis, to spaceships.

Overview: Issues and needs said to be supported by Archangel Raphael include:

  • pregnancy and childbirth, or adoption - also childcare
  • giving or receiving any form of healthcare or healing
  • seeking healing / treatment, or training in providing healing / treatments
  • health and healing related research
  • ophthalmology, opticians, eye care
  • meditation, yoga
  • hospices, staff, patients and their families or loved ones
  • terminal illnesses, bereavement,
  • earth and marine sciences and scientists
  • travelling, transportation (incl. of animals or goods).

Archangel Raphael is sometimes said to be in charge of the direction 'South' and of the 'South Winds'.

Depiction / Symbols

Archangel Raphael is sometimes shown holding or walking with a staff around which a snake is coiled.

(Note that the symbol of a snake coiled around a staff or stake is widely used in modern medical contexts, see for example the symbol of the British Medical Association:


  • Green
  • Emerald Green
  • Dark Pink


Other Name(s)

Also known as:

Labbiel, Ramiel and Tzaphiel.


Heart Chakra (Love, Harmony)



Birthsigns / Zodiac *

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

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