Tarot Reading: Yes or No (2 Cards)

using a full 78 card tarot deck based on use of standard playing cards as pip cards

This is a 'Yes, No' tarot reading using our Playing Card Tarot Deck (upright cards only).

As the title of this spread suggests, the YES card (on the left) relates to the situation if the querent proceeds with the scenario that he or she has in mind at the beginning of the reading. The NO card (on the right) refers to the situation if the possibility held in mind at the outset is dismissed and either the overall opportunity is rejected or some other path is chosen.

To proceed with this reading, clear your mind then focus on the situation that you would like the cards to offer insights about. Take care to ensure that the 'Yes' scenario is uniquely defined in your mind. Then turn the cards over ...

Tap each card in turn (1, 2).



Examples of cards in this deck are shown below. They are not part of this reading.

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