Labelled Diagram of the Eye

Labelled diagram of the structure of the retina

Keratoconus is an abnormality of the cornea of the eye in which it has a conical form rather than the usual regular curvature.

(That this term concerns the cornea of the eye is indicated by the prefix "kerato-" which refers to the cornea of the eye, also applied to other terms in this section - as listed on the left).

Patients with keratoconus have corneas that each form a rounded apex (hence the appearance of being "cone shape") at its centre. That is, in most cases both eyes are affected, though not always symetrically - in many cases asymetrically.


Keratoconus is a fairly common condition that typically develops during the patient's teens to 20s, and may be followed by progressive blurring of vision caused by astigmatism due to the increasingly conic shape of the cornea.

Typical Management:

Initially keratoconus may be managed by the use of prescribed spectacles. At later stages the refractive correction may be better achieved using contact lenses. Corneal grafting may be recommended in some advanced cases.

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