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Labelled diagram of the structure of the retina

Anisometropia is a condition in which the power of refraction (i.e. change in direction of light rays as they pass from one optical medium to another, of a different refractive index) in the right-eye differs significantly from the power of refraction in the left-eye.

Possible effect on young children:

Anisometropia is a particular concern in young children because it can lead to amblyopia (common name: "Lazy Eye"), in which one eye significantly under-performs compared with the other eye. This can occur because when the degree of anisometropia reaches or extends beyond a certain level, the brain cannot reconcile the two different images coming from the two eyes and so develops a preference for the image coming from one eye and suppresses the image from the other eye, effectively starting to cease use of the eye not favoured by the brain.

Other possible effects of anisometropia:

Irrespective of the age of the patient, if untreated anisometropia can lead to diplopia (commonly known as "double-vision") or eyestrain.

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