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Accident and Emergency Radiology Radiology for MRCP
Accident and Emergency Radiology Radiology for MRCP

Radiology is the branch of medicine concerned with the use of X-Rays and other forms of radiation and radioactive substances to diagnose conditions and treat disease. This is one of the most modern branches of medicine, and one of the most closely associated with the traditional discipline of physics (as opposed to the chemical basis of some other medical disciplines).

For a fantastic account of the development of medical physics see Meandering in Medical Physics.

See also - Teleradiology.

Associated Terms:

  • A medical specialist in the field of radiology is called a radiologist. Radiologists interpret X-Rays and other medical images.
  • The adjective used to refer to radiology is radiological.
  • Practitioners who operate X-Ray equipment to take X-Ray images of patients are radiographers (strictly "diagnostic radiographers"). A radiographer is not necessarily a medical doctor as the career structures for these disciplines are different. However, some radiographers go on to also train and qualify as medical doctors and so it is possible that an individual may have both sets of qualifications.

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