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Essential Obstetrics and Gynaecology Gynaecology by Ten Teachers
Essential Obstetrics and Gynaecology Gynaecology by Ten Teachers

Gynaecology is the medical specialty concerned with the female reproductive system, the female genital tract, and their various functions and disorders (incl. for exaple, cystitis, cervical cancer, thrush, etc.).

Compare gynaecology with the related area of obstetrics. In many respects these specialties overlap.

As a general guide, during pregnancy gynaecology has been considered to be replaced by "obstetrics" at 28 weeks gestation.

However, this is a distinction for convenience of definition only as there is no practical differentiation. (It has been suggested that the cut-off point between these two specialties should occur at the time from which an abortion would be illegal. However, as that stage in the pregnancy varies between jurisdictions, that would be a legal, rather than a medical, distinction.)

Associated Terms:

  • A medical specialist in the field of gynaecology is called a gynaecologist.
  • The adjective used to refer to gynaecology is gynaecological.

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