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Tinnitus, Turning the Volume Down: Proven Strategies for Quieting the Noise in Your Head
Tinnitus, Turning the Volume Down: Proven Strategies for Quieting the Noise in Your Head

Audiology is the medical specialty concerned with the study of hearing disorders.

Hearing problems can be frustrating and isolating. Their more general consequences can also vary according to the individual affected and his/her circumstances, stage of life, and so on.

For example, a young person who suffers from hearing impairments may consequently have difficulty studying, learning skills, interacting socially, and gaining satisfying employment or other earned income. An older (perhaps retired) person who begins to experience hearing difficulties may at first seem to be rude or at least inattentive to friends and family. Both the person affected and other people around him or her might unkowingly suppose that his or her hearing is as good as in the past and so might not realize why the person seems to ignore some communication from others. When the problem is known, the person affected might then be concerned about its possible progress and any other age-related conditions that may arise.

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  • A medical specialist in the field of audiology is called an audiologist.

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