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Living with Germs - In sickness and in health Immunology at a Glance
Living with Germs - In sickness and in health Immunology at a Glance

Immunology is the medical specialty concerned with immunity and all aspects of the body's ability to resist infection and diseases caused by pathogens (disease-causing organisms, which are usually micro-organisms).

Examples of disease-causing organisms include

  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • protozoa, or even
  • larger parasites.

The subject of immunology is made more complicated by the fact that human individuals also develop immune responses against our own proteins (and other molecules) in autoimmunity and against our own aberrant cells in tumour immunity. This type of immune response is also included in the subject area of immunology.

Associated Terms:

  • The adjective used to refer to immunology is immunological.

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