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Tarot Suit of Swords

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The 'Knights' in the Tarot Deck are also known by other names according to the deck used. For example, the Golden Dawn Deck includes 'Princes' and the Shapeshifter's Tarot includes 'Warriors' (not specifically male or female) in place of the 'Knights' of the Rider-Waite and Robin Wood tarot decks.

All court cards can be interpreted as referring to a person with the card providing information to identify the individual. Alternatively they may be interpreted symbolically, in which case Knights are said to indicate restless energy, movement including e.g. travel, courage or a quest for knowledge. This might apply to the querent or, depending on the subject of the reading and the position of Knight of Swords in the spread, to another person or situation.

The element of the Knights is 'Air'. Knights can refer to teenagers, in which case they might suggest considerable change and constant activity, yet with a young person's optimism and determination.

The Knight of Swords expresses the theme of an eager spirit progressing towards higher wisdom.

When the Knight of Swords appears in a spread to identify a person the characteristics it conveys can include:

  • young man or young men
  • dark hair
  • dark eyes
  • someone who is confident and rash
  • the astrological sign of Gemini and / or someone born under that sign

Note that this is not always the purpose of the appearance of a court card in a spread and that not all of the above characteristics need apply. The readers intuition will guide him or her to mention only any that are relevant.

The Knight of Swords tarot card can suggest that the querent might look towards his or her inner convictions to resolve a matter rather than leaving it to others. It can also refer to the coming or going of misfortune.

Keywords for possible meanings of the Knight of Swords Tarot Card include:

  • Bravery, the bravest knight
  • Heroic soldier
  • Practical action
  • Righteous anger
  • Rapid action - speed - purpose
  • Triumph over opponents or more general opposition to his or her purpose

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What about the Knight of Swords Reversed ?

Some interpretations of the meaning of the Knight of Swords reversed include:

  • Excessive haste. Impulsive actions
  • An agressive young man, possibly immature, unbalanced, stubborn, a potential troublemaker
  • Quick unexpected exits or departures e.g. of a male person moving away geographically and / or emotionally

The Tarot Suit of Swords

The Tarot Suit of Swords is associated with the suit of Spades in standard playing cards - both have sharp edges. Although many tarot decks use the term swords to refer to this suit, it also has other names (that is, for the equivalent suit in other decks), which include daggers, blades or knives.

There are meanings associated with each of the suits in a tarot deck, as well as the more specific interpretations associated with each individual card - and yet more precise meanings pertaining to particular cards in particular locations within spreads.

The suit of swords is associated with the element of air (as in air signs of the zodiac). It is also associated with the season "Spring", and with the direction "East". The suit of swords concerns academic or philosophical thought, intellectual pursuits, truth, and clarity.

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