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Tarot Suit of Cups

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The 'Fives' in the tarot deck typically depict images of loss, sorrow, and misfortune. They stand in stark contrast to the secure structure conveyed by the 'Fours'. One way to think of this is to imagine the 'Fours' as the body complete with its four limbs, while the 'Fives' also include the head together with awareness, concerns, hurt, and uncertainties. These take different forms in each of the four suits.

In the case of the 5 of Cups, this card may be summarised by the word 'disappointment'. This is not the most negative card in the tarot deck. Several other cards convey more adverse indications. Nevertheless, the 5 of Cups conveys a sad energy of, at least perceived, loss. The Elemental Tarot depicts an upside-down female on the 5 of Cups tarot card, suggesting an 'awkward' emotional situation, whereas the Rider Waite and Robin Wood decks illustrate a lone figure whose attention is on three spilled cups, rather than on the two full cups on which his or her back has been turned. In that case the message could be: Don't overlook what you do have.

When the 5 of Cups Tarot Card appears in a spread, be gentle to yourself. This may be a reminder that each person needs to grieve in his or her own way, at least until the worst of the initial pain has passed.

Keywords and phrases for some of the possible interpretations of the 5 of Cups Tarot Card include:

  • Bitterness
  • Disappointment
  • End of relationship
  • Loss
  • Regret
  • Sorrow

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What about the Five of Cups Reversed ?

Some interpretations of the meaning of the 5 of Cups reversed include:

  • Acceptance of the past, or alternatively ...
  • Sense of being trapped in the past e.g. thoughts continually return to past losses or regrets
  • Advice to seek out and concentrate on the 'hidden blessings' in seemingly negative events or circumstances

The Tarot Suit of Cups

The Tarot Suit of Cups is associated with the suit of Hearts in standard playing cards.

The "Cups" depicted on tarot cards are usually in the style of goblets, ceremonial, or communion cups (as above). There are meanings associated with each of the suits in a tarot deck, as well as the more specific interpretations associated with each individual card - and yet more precise meanings pertaining to particular cards in particular locations within spreads.

The suit of cups is associated with the element of water (as in water signs of the zodiac). It is also associated with the season of autumn (or "fall" in U.S. English) and with the direction "West".

Cups concern emotions, love, romance, range of emotions, mastery of emotions and feelings, and "gut reactions" that call upon our intuitive as opposed to intellectual development.

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