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Tarot Suit of Cups

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The 'Tens' in the tarot deck represent transcendent completion as opposed to the mere physical completion of the 'Nines'. That is, not only has the task been completed, but the performer (seeker) has also learnt the lessons and experienced the spiritual development brought to him or her by the task or situation.

In the case of the 10 of Cups this theme of complete fulfilment refers to romantic and familial love. Many decks depict a happy family surrounded by everything that they might need on the ten of cups card.

The 10 of Cups Tarot Card is interpreted slightly differently according to its position in a spread. For example, when in a position relating to 'the issue' or 'the situation' it can suggest that the whole reading is addressing the family and positive fulfillment of family issues. When it appears as an 'outcome' card it is even more positive as this implies that the course of events is consistent with happy times for everyone as a result. If the 10 of Cups appears as a card representing the 'past' or 'background' it might help the seeker to understand or recognize the time-period to which the overall reading relates or it might suggest that the subject or topic of the overall reading is somehow 'rooted' in positivity and have the supportive influence of that context to 'lean on' if challenging times or events occur at some stage in the present or future.

Keywords and phrases for some of the possible interpretations of the 10 of Cups Tarot Card include:

  • Bliss
  • Home
  • Joy
  • Love (family love)
  • Peace
  • Plenty

What about the Ten of Cups Reversed ?

Some interpretations of the meaning of the 10 of Cups reversed include:

  • Happiness with advice not to overlook present blessings in pursuit of greater riches in the future
  • Disruption to a happy family situation, perhaps due to a dispute or to someones attention being elsewhere
  • Disfunctional emotions within a group, not necessarily a biological or legal family

The Tarot Suit of Cups

The Tarot Suit of Cups is associated with the suit of Hearts in standard playing cards.

The "Cups" depicted on tarot cards are usually in the style of goblets, ceremonial, or communion cups (as above). There are meanings associated with each of the suits in a tarot deck, as well as the more specific interpretations associated with each individual card - and yet more precise meanings pertaining to particular cards in particular locations within spreads.

The suit of cups is associated with the element of water (as in water signs of the zodiac). It is also associated with the season of autumn (or "fall" in U.S. English) and with the direction "West".

Cups concern emotions, love, romance, range of emotions, mastery of emotions and feelings, and "gut reactions" that call upon our intuitive as opposed to intellectual development.

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