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Cavalry horses help research into equine lameness

Lameness is a common problem in horses but is often unreported. Therefore statistics about lameness in horses in the UK usually relates only to performance horses, such as racehorses, or to referra...

25 Jul '13 | Equine Lameness

Mapping gannet fishing grounds

Colonies of northern gannets based at locations around the British Isles maintain vast exclusive fishing ranges despite doing nothing to defend their territory from rival colonies. The UK supports ...

06 Jun '13 | Gannets | British Isles

Canine arthritis monitored by force platforms (pressure-sensitive walkways)

Canine arthritis (arthritis in dogs) can be a cause of great concern to owners. There has been no standard veterinary test to determine how uncomfortable a dog affected by canine arthritis is when ...

04 Jun '13 | Canine Arthritis | Liverpool

3 weeks until EU ban on animal testing of cosmetics

The EU ban on animal testing of cosmetic products (planned since 2009) and is expected to come into force on 11 March 2014 despite persistent efforts to postpone this important legislation. Animal ...

18 Feb '13 | Animal Welfare | Europe (EU)

Proposed offshore energy developments might threaten foraging birds

Proposed offshore renewable energy developments in the English Channel have the potential to affect the foraging behaviour of northern gannets from Alderney in the Channel Islands. A recent study b...

08 Nov '12 | Gannets | English Channel

Cockatoo spontaneously makes & uses tools for reaching food & other objects

A clever cockatoo (a type of parrot) called Figaro has been filmed making and using tools to reach and pull towards himself small objects that were otherwise out of reach. This has been reported by...

05 Nov '12 | Animal Intelligence | Oxford

Bat bridges over roads don't work

Bat bridges are not effective according to recent research - so don't cut down their hedgerows in the first place! Researchers monitored four wire bridges spanning major roads in the north of Engla...

14 Jun '12 | Wildlife & Animals

Effect of liver fluke infection on bovine TB testing

Recent research suggests that failure of the current bovine tuberculosis (TB) eradication programme in the UK could be partly due to a parasitic infection by liver fluke, which hinders the tests us...

24 May '12

How the shape of animals' teeth suit their food

Scientific researchers at Bristol University have investigated the most efficient ways for teeth to slice food. Their results show how precisely the shape of an animal's teeth is optimized to suit ...

07 Mar '12 | Dentition | Bristol, UK

UK pet dog survey indicates higher than expected Lyme disease risk

Survey of pet dogs in England indicates higher than expected risk of Lyme disease. Ticks infected with the bacteria that cause Lyme disease may be considerably more prevalent in the UK than expecte...

25 Jan '12 | Lyme disease | England

Saving the snow leopard with stem cells

Saving the snow leopard with stem cells has been receiving research attention at Monash University (Australia) where scientists have, for the first time, produced embryonic stem-like cells from the...

23 Jan '12 | Endangered Species | Australia

Feline rotavirus research announced

New research into rotovirus in catshas been backed by a new funding grant from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Charitable Trust. Studies will be conducted by experts at Liverpool Un...

11 Jan '12

Bee swarms mimic human brain neurons to make decisions

Swarms of bees and brain neurons make decisions using strikingly similar mechanisms according to a recent study carried-out at Cornell University and published in the Dec. 9 issue of Science.

09 Dec '11 | Animal News

Global honey bee decline and diesel pollution

Honey bees are estimated to contribute billions to the world's economy - £430 million a year to the UK alone - by pollinating crops, producing honey and supporting employment. Unfortunately winter ...

07 Oct '11 | Animal News

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