Date Published: 11 January 2012

Feline rotavirus research at Liverpool University

A major new research study into rotovirus in cats has been supported by a £20,000 grant from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Charitable Trust. This important work will be carried out at Liverpool University, England.

Researchers Allison German and Kenton Morgan achieved the Richard Daubney Research Fellowship to investigate zoonotic potential of feline rotovirus in UK cats, using samples from Cat Protection Adoption Centres.

Allison said:

" Feline rotaviruses have been identified in diarrhoeic children in Japan, Italy, Israel and America, but because of limited funding options, there has been no systematic study of rotaviruses in cats, so the prevalence, risk factors and zoonotic potential are unknown.

_ I am pleased the Trust has recognised the importance of emerging infectious diseases in companion animals, and their potential role in animal and human health."

Faecal samples will be assessed to establish whether they share any identity to human strains of rotovirus.

RCVS Trust Director, Cherry Bushell said:

" The feline rotavirus research could have important findings in the longer term if it is found that there is genuine risk to human health, and also shows clear potential for further study. ..."

This is just one of the rsearch grants recently awarded to Liverpool University scientists to support their valuable research into animal health issues.

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Source: Liverpool University -

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