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Scent device to detect bladder cancer

Cancer researchers have developed and built a device called ODOREADER that contains a sensor that responds to chemicals in gas emitted from urine. This device correctly assigned 100% of cancer pati...

09 Jul '13 | Bladder Cancer | England

Canine arthritis monitored by force platforms (pressure-sensitive walkways)

Canine arthritis (arthritis in dogs) can be a cause of great concern to owners. There has been no standard veterinary test to determine how uncomfortable a dog affected by canine arthritis is when ...

04 Jun '13 | Canine Arthritis | Liverpool

Fish oil might delay the effects of junk food on the brain

Consumption of fish oils appears to reduce the detrimental effects of some of the processes triggered in the brain by high-fat diets including foods commonly referred to as junk food. This has been...

14 May '13 | Nutrition

Proposed offshore energy developments might threaten foraging birds

Proposed offshore renewable energy developments in the English Channel have the potential to affect the foraging behaviour of northern gannets from Alderney in the Channel Islands. A recent study b...

08 Nov '12 | Gannets | English Channel

HIV associated with Salmonella epidemic in sub Saharan Africa

The emergence and spread of new variants of Salmonella Typhimurium has been found to correspond to the emergence and spread of HIV in parts sub-Saharan Africa. A major contributing factor to the in...

11 Oct '12 | HIV | sub-Saharan Africa

Regulation of junk food advertising on Children's TV in the UK

Effect of UK regulation of TV advertising of junk food directed at children on TV adverts of food products actually broadcast in UK. Research from Liverpool University shows minimal impact of regul...

02 Oct '12 | Child Welfare

Chemotherapy after surgery might improve cancer survival

Cancer News: Researchers have discovered a statistically significant survival benefit to chemotherapy use after surgery. However, the number of deaths from periampullary cancer remains high, even a...

11 Jul '12 | Cancer

Gene key to maintaining normal brain function

A protein called stonin2 is necessary for the packets (of chemicals) to be retrieved and refilled, enabling communication between nerve cells in the brain. The authors state that this research is a...

05 Jul '12 | Brain Function | Liverpool Uni

Effect of liver fluke infection on bovine TB testing

Recent research suggests that failure of the current bovine tuberculosis (TB) eradication programme in the UK could be partly due to a parasitic infection by liver fluke, which hinders the tests us...

24 May '12

Orbital prefrontal cortex size linked to number of friends

A recent study indicates that the orbital prefrontal cortex region of the brain is bigger in people who have a larger number of friendships. The study also suggests that we need to employ a set of ...

02 Feb '12

Feline rotavirus research announced

New research into rotovirus in catshas been backed by a new funding grant from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Charitable Trust. Studies will be conducted by experts at Liverpool Un...

11 Jan '12

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