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Exposure to sunlight reported to lower blood pressure

Recent research suggests that exposure of skin to sunlight can help to reduce blood pressure - thereby protecting against certain medical conditions linked to high blood pressure (hypertension)

20 Jan '14 | UK

Outgoing people tend to be happier later in life

Young adults who are more outgoing or more emotionally stable, tend to be happier in later life - research result from Southampton University, England. Extroversion in youth has direct positive eff...

17 Jul '13 | Happiness | Southampton

Orbital prefrontal cortex size linked to number of friends

A recent study indicates that the orbital prefrontal cortex region of the brain is bigger in people who have a larger number of friendships. The study also suggests that we need to employ a set of ...

02 Feb '12

Ban on cigarette sales to teenagers had little effect on access to tobacco

University researchers in the UK have found that banning under-18s from buying cigarettes has had little impact on young people's access to tobacco and that large numbers of teenagers continue to b...

06 Oct '10 | Teen Smokers | UK

IKEA, UNICEF and Save the Children team up for children

IKEA, UNICEF and Save the Children team up for children. The IKEA Soft Toy Campaign is an opportunity for both IKEA customers and co-workers to get involved in working for children in the run-up to...

30 Oct '08 | Child Welfare | International

How mint oil compounds reduce pain

Research explains how mint oil compounds act through the recently discovered neural receptor, TRPM8, which is present in a small percentage of nerve cells in the human skin. When TRPM8 is activated...

22 Aug '06 | Natural Health | Scotland

Study shows 'ever-young' gene can reprogramme cells

Scientists have found that the “ever-young” gene Nanog can cause adult cells to switch back to an embryonic state. This discovery is the first to show that a specific gene affects the reprogramming...

20 Jun '06 | Stem Cell Research | Scotland

Thousands of Scots families to help scientists with medical research

Medics and scientists from the medical schools at the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow are working on a multi-million pound project, which will follow the health of 50,000 Sc...

02 Feb '06 | Scotland

Edinburgh University's new MRI scanner opens to horses from Scotland and North of England

New equipment has been designed so the horse only has to be sedated and walked up to the scanner. Traditional MRI systems require the horse to be anaesthetised which carries some risk to the patien...

29 Nov '05 | MRI Technology | Scotland

Asthmatic cats might be allergic to humans, say vets

Instead of pets being blamed for causing allergies and breathing problems amongst people, human lifestyles are potentially triggering asthma attacks in cats. According to vets, cigarette smoke, dus...

Ask Angels: St Swithin's day if thou dost rain, For forty days it will remain, St Swithun's day if thou be fair, For forty days 'twill rain na mair'

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