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Womens' death rates lower in greener neighbourhoods (USA)

Women living in the USA have lower mortality rates in areas with a greater proportion of vegetation compared with more urban areas such as in larger towns and cities. The recent study considered th...

15 Apr '16 | Environment | USA

Efforts to diagnose cancer early need to be better tailored to different age groups (UK)

Efforts to diagnose cancer early need to be better tailored to different age groups according to recent research. Older women with breast cancer have a higher risk of their breast cancer being diag...

02 Mar '12 | Cancer Diagnosis | UK

Best ovarian cancer imaging technique revealed

Recent research has lead scientists to conclude that a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique, which measures the movement of water molecules within the tumour, may be the best way to monitor h...

14 Feb '12

Late diagnosis of breast cancer in elderly women (UK)

Breast cancer research results showed that women diagnosed with breast cancer between 50 and 69 years had an 89% chance of surviving their disease for five-years. This fell to 81% for women aged 70...

16 Feb '11 | Breast Cancer | UK

Early menstruation linked to risk of depression in mid-teens

Girls who begin menstruating at an early age are at greater risk of depressive symptoms during their adolescence, according to new research by academics from the University of Bristol and the Unive...

04 Jan '11 | Depression

Women with osteoporosis suffer more if they have previously broken a bone,

A study of more than 60,000 women living in many different countries around the world has increased knowledge about the relationship between osteoporosis and fractures. Osteoporosis is more common ...

18 Aug '10 | Osteoporosis | International Study

Museum flags up its biggest project in decades at Cambridge University

A Maori flagpole gifted to Prince Edward in 1920 gains a new home at Cambridge University's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology this week after languishing largely forgotten for almost 100 years.

01 Dec '08 | Maori flagpole | Cambridge

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