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How to get along when staying at home

Advice to stay at home has caused millions of people to change their daily routines in recent weeks. There are many articles about how to deal with boredom, frustration, worry and the social requir...

31 Mar '20 | Mental Health | At Home

Frog warning coloration is also camouflage

The bright yellow colours on poison dart frogs also have a camouflage function according to a recent study involving fieldwork in the jungles of Guiana followed by laboratory visual search experime...

05 Jun '18 | Animal News | Guiana

First Aid knowledge could help to reduce pressure on UK Accident and Emergency Departments

Recent research has found that more than one third of people who went to accident and emergency hospital departments did so to seek help because they were worried and didn't know what to do (Englan...

24 Aug '17 | Emergency Medicine | England, UK

Scientists to develop wearable technology incl. smart trousers

Bionic hands that transmit sensory data to the brain, smart socks that help you pick your feet up, smart trousers that support the wearer and assist with standing or even climbing stairs ... UK sci...

23 Feb '15 | Wearable Tech | Leeds

Teenage girls and sexual coercion in relationships

Recent study reveals around 40 percent teenage schoolgirls in England have been subjected to sexual coercion in the context of relationships and many teenage boys often look at pornographic images

11 Feb '15 | Youth Welfare | Bristol

Discovery of the brain circuits involved in emotion

Brain Science: Understanding the neural circuits underlying fear is an important step towards developing better treatments for behavioural changes associated with emotional disorders such as anxiet...

23 Apr '14 | Neuroscience | Bristol (UK)

Young smokers father fatter sons

Recent study finds that the teenage sons of men who started smoking cigarettes frequently before the age of 11 years had more body fat than their peers e.g. school friends. A similar effect was fou...

02 Apr '14 | Smoking | Bristol (UK)

Insulin use to treat type 2 diabetes trebles

The number of UK patients receiving prescriptions for insulin increased (almost tripled) between 1991 and 2010. The number of people with prescriptions for insulin for type 2 diabetes overtook th...

07 Feb '14 | Diabetes

Mental Health of older people in debt

Recent research indicates that people who are struggling with their finances in old age are 8x more likely to have reduced mental well-being than their comparable people without financial challenge...

27 Jan '14 | Mental Health

Prenatal depression in mothers - risk factor for depression in children at age 18 years

Recent research suggests that depression in pregnant women may increase the risk that their children have depression at age 18-years. This association matters because depression in late adolescence...

10 Oct '13 | Depression | Bristol

Glycaemia alert dogs help diabetic humans

How effective are medical detection dogs trained to detect and warn diabetics about variations in the person's hypoglycaemic state ? This summary of the results of a recent research study is encour...

20 Aug '13 | Diabetes | Bristol

Study shows extent of variations in physical inactivity across England

Recent study suggests that almost 80% adults in England take insufficient physical exercise (i.e. less exercise than the level recommended by government experts). This might lead to health problems...

01 Aug '13 | Physical activity | England

How astrocyte cells respond to brain injury and diseases such as strokes

Discovery about how astrocyte cells, such as those in the human brain, respond to brain injury and diseases such as strokes. A team of scientists from Bristol University (England) has identified pr...

26 Jul '13 | Bristol

Scent device to detect bladder cancer

Cancer researchers have developed and built a device called ODOREADER that contains a sensor that responds to chemicals in gas emitted from urine. This device correctly assigned 100% of cancer pati...

09 Jul '13 | Bladder Cancer | England

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