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Bristol is a thriving modern city in the South West of England.

Its known history extends back to Iron Age hill forts, although archaeolgical finds in the area have been described as indicating human or 'pre-modern human' activity in the Stone Age. There were also Roman settlements in areas now part of Bristol. By 1020 the town was a trading centre that produced its own coinage. It received a Royal Charter in 1155. A stone bridge built in 1247 was in use until the 1760s. It has been estimated that during 1348-9 approx. 30-50% of the population died of the Black Death. The town and surrounding areas received county status in 1373. For the next several hundred years (until the Industrial Revolution in the C19th) Bristol was one of the country's most important maritime ports. It received city status in 1542. In 1739 John Wesley founded the first Methodist chapel in Bristol.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge (shown below) opened in 1864. It remains a distinctive landmark that is still in use today.

Bristol's maritime activity decline during the C19th when several changes resulted in increased shipping operating from Liverpool instead. Even so, Bristol suffered extensive damage during WW2, resulting in much post-war redevelopment during the 1960-70s.
The aviation industry has been increasingly active here from the latter part of the C20th. In 2005 Bristol was named by the government as one of England's "six science cities" and remains a hub of technological innovation.

The city of Bristol and its surrounding areas is rich in architectural heritage with many surviving examples of different styles of buildings.


Bristol is home to teams competing in a wide range of sports such as football (Bristol City and Bristol Rovers) incl. women's football, rugby union, cricket, basketball, American football and athletics. There are also many leisure facilities and various groups that meet to pursue walking, cycling and other activities.

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