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Fracking threat to most important wildlife locations in Britain, University study

Research by Reading University in partnership with several environmental and wildlife conservation groups indicates that many locations at which shale gas extraction might take place are home to s...

15 Oct '16 | Environment | UK

Recent assessment of British wildlife causes concern

Decline in native British biodiversity since the 1970s has left some species groups particularly threatened. This recent study included 4,424 individual species and much data from 100s volunteer ob...

10 Dec '15 | Animals & Wildlife | UK

News from bird fossils from the Cretaceous Period (145-66 million years ago)

Research shows that the shortening of the bony tails of very early birds (over 100 million years ago) helped them develop versatile legs, an evolutionary advantage. Birds from the Cretaceous Period...

14 Aug '13 | Bird Fossils | Oxford (UK)

Prisoners who do yoga might benefit psychologically

Yoga can improve mood and mental well-being, as well as having a positive effect on impulsive behaviour. This is the outcome of recent research conducted at Oxford University where researchers foun...

11 Jul '13 | Yoga | Oxfordshire

Malaria parasites stick to blood vessel linings via PfEMP1 (parasite proteins)

Malaria parasites grow in red blood cells and stick to the endothelial lining of blood vessels through a large family of parasite proteins called PfEMP1. This is how the parasite avoids being carri...

05 Jun '13 | Malaria

Cockatoo spontaneously makes & uses tools for reaching food & other objects

A clever cockatoo (a type of parrot) called Figaro has been filmed making and using tools to reach and pull towards himself small objects that were otherwise out of reach. This has been reported by...

05 Nov '12 | Animal Intelligence | Oxford

Heart disease medication shown to affect subconscious attitudes towards race

Recent research suggests that taking propranolol, a beta-blocker used to treat heart disease, can affect the person's subconscious attitudes to race. This is of interest to psychologists, psychiatr...

07 Mar '12

More mental health support for children and young people (UK)

UK government funding is being made available to centres that provide mental health support to children and young adults. According to Reading University, half of children and young people with lon...

01 Mar '12

Orbital prefrontal cortex size linked to number of friends

A recent study indicates that the orbital prefrontal cortex region of the brain is bigger in people who have a larger number of friendships. The study also suggests that we need to employ a set of ...

02 Feb '12

Human adults respond to the sound of babies crying

The sound of babies crying causes adults to react quickly. Depression and postnatal depression may result in some people not attending so much to babies' cries. This new work shows that this is lik...

10 Jan '12

Benefits of Vitamin A supplements for children

Vitamin A could increase child health in low and middle income countries according to a recent study announched by scientists from Oxford University and Aga Khan University, Pakistan. The research ...

25 Aug '11 | Vitamin A | Oxford, UK

The Angel Semanglaf is said to help and support expectant mothers through pregnancy.

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