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Cognitive bias modification of interpretations (CBM-I) to help teenagers with Anxiety Symptoms.

Training teenagers to view social situations in a positive way could help those with anxiety symptoms and may help prevent problems continuing into adult life, according to recent research from Oxf...

13 Jul '11 | Mental Health | UK

Could targeting the skin help prevent the spread of HIV?

Applying a vaccine patch to the skin with thousands of tiny micro-needles could help boost the body's immune response and prevent the spread of life-threatening infections like HIV and TB. This is ...

11 Jul '11

Cancer Research UK concern about consumption of alcohol

Cancer Research UK-funded researchers have indicated that alcohol has a significant effect on cancers of the mouth, food-pipe, voice-box and pharynx. Specifically, they attributed 6,000 of these ca...

08 Apr '11

IVF babies born using new chromosome counting technique

The first babies have now been born in the UK using a new technique used to select the best embryos for IVF. This advance could bring hope to many couples struggling to have a child and going throu...

04 Feb '11

Medical negligence during birth led to compensation for boy with Cerebral Palsy

10 Year Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Recovers £7,850,000 For Injuries at Birth It is difficult to imagine the stress that must have been involved in caring for a child with very special needs at th...

03 Feb '11 | Medical Negligence | England

Dangerous environments make (animal) parents more caring

Research examined how the mortality rates of parents and offspring and the fertility of adults influence the evolution of how much parents care for and feed their young. The team found that unpre...

19 Jan '11 | Oxford, England

NIH study indicates stress may delay women getting pregnant

Researchers showed that women who had higher levels of a substance called alpha-amylase were less likely to get pregnant than were women with lower levels of the substance. Alpha-amylase is secrete...

11 Aug '10 | Pregnancy | USA

New approach to HIV vaccine

The chains of sugar molecules, or carbohydrates, that cover the outside of the highly variable HIV virus remain constant, are different from those found on human cells, and could form the basis of ...

20 Jul '10 | HIV | Oxford

Rare genetic variations involving whole sections of DNA implicated in autism

Single gene mutations or large rearrangements in chromosomes are responsible for a minority of cases of autism. Some rare mutations in genes are known to be risk factors for the condition, and a ra...

10 Jun '10 | Autism | Oxford, UK

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