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Harnessing the healing properties of honey to help combat antimicrobial resistance

The researchers in Southampton, England, are studying the properties of Surgihoney, an engineered, medical honey that has a potent antimicrobial agent with antibiofilm activity. It is hoped that th...

29 Apr '16 | Honey | Southampton, UK

New ultrasonic device to improve medical instrument hygiene

Starstream, a new ultrasonic device, has been found to improve the cleaning of medical instruments and so reduce contamination and risk of infection. It works by increasing the efficiency with whic...

16 Sep '15 | Technology | England

Eating peanut during infancy can prevent development of peanut allergy

Although peanut allergy is one of the most common food allergies, recent research suggests that introducing peanut into the diet of an infant within the first 11 months of life might reduce the lik...

24 Feb '15 | Food Allergies | Southampton

Scientists to develop wearable technology incl. smart trousers

Bionic hands that transmit sensory data to the brain, smart socks that help you pick your feet up, smart trousers that support the wearer and assist with standing or even climbing stairs ... UK sci...

23 Feb '15 | Wearable Tech | Leeds

Food products free of colourings associated with hyperactivity (UK)

UK FSA updates its list of food product ranges that do not contain the six food colours associated with possible hyperactivity in young children, specifically E110, E104, E122, E129, E102 and E124....

02 Apr '14 | Nutrition | United Kingdom

Exposure to sunlight reported to lower blood pressure

Recent research suggests that exposure of skin to sunlight can help to reduce blood pressure - thereby protecting against certain medical conditions linked to high blood pressure (hypertension)

20 Jan '14 | UK

Outgoing people tend to be happier later in life

Young adults who are more outgoing or more emotionally stable, tend to be happier in later life - research result from Southampton University, England. Extroversion in youth has direct positive eff...

17 Jul '13 | Happiness | Southampton

Copper restricts the spread of global antibiotic-resistant infections

Many human pathogens survive for long periods in the hospital environment and can have adverse consequences. Recent research has demonstrated potential for strategically-placed antimicrobial copper...

04 Dec '12 | Hygiene

Epigenetics: Genes can change

12 Sep '12 | Epigenetics

Women delay motherhood for longer education

Education delays motherhood: The average age of a woman having her first child in 2004 was 27 years-old, three years later than in 1974, when the average age was 24 years old. During the course of ...

10 Sep '12 | Education

Acupuncture can help treat lung disease

Acupuncture can help relieve breathing problems associated with chronic lung disease according to Professor George Lewith of Southampton University. He found that acupuncture can much improve the q...

17 May '12 | Lung Disease | Southampton, UK

Discovery of genes that influence risk of fracture and osteoporosis

Scientists have conducted the largest international study of its kind to identify the genes responsible for osteoporosis. Their research indicates that variants in 56 regions of the human genome in...

16 Apr '12 | Osteoporosis | Southampton, UK

Early bone growth linked to bone density in later life

Recent medical research indicates that early bone growth is associated with bone density in later life. The indications are that size at birth and height growth during early childhood contribute si...

03 Feb '12

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