Date Published: 6 September 2006

Edinburgh University staff walk path to a healthier planet

Health News from Scotland

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All 7,000 staff at the University of Edinburgh are being encouraged to ?go green”and walk the recommended 10,000 steps a day in a two-week initiative to highlight the benefits of walking.

As one of Edinburgh's biggest employers, the University is committed to encouraging staff to be as environmentally aware as possible - and that includes thinking about the way in which they travel.

The Walk to Win Challenge will take place between 11 and 22 September this year. To encourage them to walk the recommended number of steps per day, staff will be given a pack consisting of a free pedometer, a walking diary and other information on the benefits of walking.

Prizes will be given to the individuals and teams that make the most progress over the fortnight - not necessarily those who walk the most steps in total. For example, the winners could be those members of staff who start the 2 weeks only walking 100 steps a day and by the end of it are walking 10,000 steps.

Fiona Simon, the University's Transport and Parking Manager said:

The University of Edinburgh is extremely keen to help tackle the problems presented by climate change and reduce the impact of global warming. Choosing to walk rather than use motorised forms of transport is a great way to help achieve this.

_ Not only is it good for the environment, walking is free, fun and a very good form of exercise. We really hope that as many of our staff as possible will take the opportunity to get involved in the Walk to Win Challenge both for their own benefit and that of the environment.

Transport consultants Steer Davies Gleave are supporting the event by providing the pedometers and promotional material. They run the city-wide campaign ?The Optimum 2 project”which is working with large employers in the city to help encourage their staff to travel more sustainably.

The second week of the Walk to Win Challenge coincides with European Mobility Week. This aims to encourage alternative modes of transport to the car to help reduce the impact on global warming. This is in line with the University's Integrated Travel Policy which aims to reduce single occupancy car journeys to University sites.

Source: Edinburgh University (Scotland, UK).

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