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Could roundworms provide new treatment for sepsis ?

ES-62 has the therapeutic ability to enhance recovery in septic shock by suppressing and limiting catastrophic inflammatory responses while allowing for bacterial clearance to occur. Administration...

07 Mar '11 | Inflammation | Liverpool, England

UK Animal Charity RSPCA had extremely busy end to 2010

The RSPCA has recently reported having more animals in its care than ever before. These include wildlife (whose release has been delayed by extremely cold weather) as well as, sadly, many abandoned...

05 Jan '11 | Animal Welfare | UK

Scientists assess new vaccines to improve health of African children

Respiratory infections and diarrhoeal diseases kill approximately four million children each year, with most deaths occurring in developing countries. New vaccines for Streptococcus pneumoniae, a ...

14 Oct '10 | Africa

Ban on cigarette sales to teenagers had little effect on access to tobacco

University researchers in the UK have found that banning under-18s from buying cigarettes has had little impact on young people's access to tobacco and that large numbers of teenagers continue to b...

06 Oct '10 | Teen Smokers | UK

Mormons understand Angels to be beings who have previously been incarnated as humans - an understanding other religious groups apply to spirits.

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