Six of Pentacles Tarot Card

Tarot Suit of Pentacles

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The 'Sixes' in the tarot deck reflect the fact that six is located at the centre of the Kabbalist Tree of Life, implying harmony and communication.

Some writers describe the 6 of Pentacles in terms of 'material success'. The Rider-Waite and Robin Wood tarot decks both depict a well-dressed person, possibly a merchant, giving coins to othes. However, the 6 of pentacles tarot card often also includes images of those receiving the money who appear not to be materially successful. One way to interpret the six of pentacles tarot card is in terms of an exchange of energy assuming that the giver also receives something (possibly something intangible) by giving away the coins.

The 6 of Pentacles tarot card includes connotations of both generosity and inequality.

Keywords and phrases for some of the many possible meanings of the 6 of Pentacles Tarot Card include:

  • Desire to help or repay another
  • Financial help / gift
  • Help from a powerful person
  • Return of a favour
  • Stability

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What about the Six of Pentacles Reversed ?

Some interpretations of the meaning of the 6 of Pentacles reversed include:

  • Payment required e.g. repayment of a loan becomes due
  • Financial difficulties, in case of businesses may be due to cash-flow issues, unpaid invoices, bad debt
  • Dishonest financial activity that might involve misleading book-keeping, fraud, illegal transactions or plain theft

The Tarot Suit of Pentacles

The Tarot Suit of Pentacles is associated with the suit of Diamonds in standard playing cards. The suit of pentacles is also known by other names, such as coins, discs or disks in some tarot decks.

The suit of pentacles is associated with the element of earth and material concerns. (For more about the element earth read about the earth signs of the zodiac.) It is also associated with the season of winter, and with the direction "North". As far as personal attributes are concerned, the Pentacles refer to physical talents and mastery.

The pentagram (five-pointed star) is used to illustrate the pentacles in many of the most popular tarot decks. This is a Pythagorean symbol of health and knowledge. However, this symbol can have negative connotations if inverted.

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