The Oxford Tarot Deck

The theme of the Oxford Tarot is the beautiful city of Oxford in the south of England.

Parts of the history of Oxford are recorded in its many stone buildings and statues, some of which have been standing for almost 1000 years. For more about the history of Oxford visit this interesting city and its museums. There are many attractions including an open-top bus tour as well as the castle and various museums in and around the city centre.

The Oxford Tarot deck was developed over a period of time beginning in the spring of 2007. It is illustrated using photographs of Oxford, many of which were taken at about that time. Each image has been selected to convey the essence of the particular tarot card on which it appears. There are no frightening images. Some of the images are thought-provoking. Some are Oxford 'interpretations' of the standard tarot deck, such as 'The Fresher' card in place of the traditional 'The Fool' tarot card. Despite these subtle changes, the overall meaning of each of the cards is broadly similar to the meaning of the corresponding card in traditional tarot decks.

This Oxford themed tarot deck is likely to be of particular interest to anyone who has a love of Oxford and at least a passing interest in the tarot and the way in which the tarot deals with the major archetypes of life. Viewers of the TV Detective series Morse and, more recently, Lewis, might enjoy recognizing many of the places seen in these images. Past and present residents of Oxford and environs might have personally walked or driven past some of the images depicted on the Oxford Tarot Cards. However, as time passes all cities change and develop. It is increasingly likely that some of the views shown on these cards no-longer look quite the same as when the photograhs were taken. Nevertheless, many of images used depict parts of Oxford that are unlikely to change much, if at all. Time will tell.

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